Friday, 30 May 2014

Casting Coup 1953: Shane

Recasting the 1953 Best Picture lineup with Walter continues. This time we're on the Western of the bunch.

Walter's cast.

....a headstrong Ex-confderate who gets defeated by the gang...
Originally played by Elisha Cook Jr
Played here by Jim Broadbent
I'd relish the opportunity to see him get out his usual "gregarious aging man" role to play this angry and self-righteous homesteader.

...a local townsman...
Originally played by Edgar Buchanan
Played here by Allan Havey
Not a very major role, but I think Havey would work here.

....proprietor of the bar where much of the action goes down...
Originally played by Paul McVey
Played here by Craig T. Nelson
He'd make for an affable bar owner.

...a ruthless and again cattle baron....
Originally played by Emile Meyer
Played here by Ian McShane
Wouldn't he be fantastic sinking his teeth into this very menacing role and going to to toe with all of his scene partners? He hasn't been as well served by film in recent year, this would be just the type of role to energise him.

CHRIS CALLOWAY of Ryker's main men....
Originally played by Ben Johnson
Played here by David Harbour
He's usually playing nicer men, but he has the potential to play menacing in a big way, I think. Underneath Chris' menacing outlier aspects he's sort of pathetic underneath and I think Harbour could tap into that quality effectively.

....a macabre gunslinger...
Originally played by Jack Palance
Played here by  Walton Goggins
He was the first person I cast, and seems like an obvious choice. It might not necessarily be completely new ground for him but he'd nail the danger of Wilson and establish the electricity of his character in a few scenes. picks for the main four characters below the jump....

....the boy who grows to admire Shane....
Originally played by Brandon deWilde
Played here by Brady and Connor Noon
I guess we'd have to choose one? The Noon twins do fine work on Boarddwalk Empire and I'm so curious to see if they'll continue acting as they grow older.

....a kind homesteader who allows Shane on his land...
Originally played by Van Heflin
Played here by Michael Shannon
He's usually stuck playing characters on edge, but I think of Joe as Curtis (Take Shelter) without the delusions. He's warm, affable and just wants to take care of his family. Shannon is a dynamic actor with more to offer than just playing men with short fuses.

....Joe's kindly wife...
Originally played by Jean Arthur
Played here by  Amy Adams
I considered Chastain for a Shannon reunion, but this other redhead felt like the better pick. Amy Adams' warmth is a great part of her success as a performer and she'd make Marian work in a way that's equivalent but not too similar to Jean.

...the mysterious stranger whose appearance causes havoc
Originally played by Alan Ladd
Played here by Daniel Craig
I am often ambivalent on Craig, but really no one else seemed to fit here. He can evoke the air of mystery, gunfight with the best of them. The question of his ability to play emotional bits like Shane's rapport with Joey are fair questions, but generally, I think he'd nail it.


Anonymous said...

I feel bad that I hate this movie so much, because so many seem to love it...but I just can't. It's SOOOO bad. That being said, an update could help it, and this cast is kind of amazing so I'm in.

Walter L. Hollmann said...

Aw man. Ian McShane IS a perfect choice. Egg on my face.