Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Casting Coup 1953: Roman Holiday

Walter (The Silver Screening Room) and I are recasting the 1953 best picture lineup as we prepare to head back to the same year for some retrospective cinephiling in June. We're on to William Wyler's romatic comedy/drama.

...a photographer, and friend of Joe who comes caught up in the pair's adventures...
Originally played by Eddie Albert
Played here by Tom Hardy
Right? Truthfully I'm ambivalent on my choices for the other two roles but this was easy and not just because of the resemblance. Irving always comes off to me as someone who feels he's the lead in their own story, and why not get someone with leading man charisma to play him? This Means War was a poor experience but Hardy has underutilised comedic skills.

....the reporter who becomes enamoured with the Princess...
Originally played by Gregory Peck
Played here by Michael Fassbender
I'm not a big fan of Fassbender but no other actor seemed to work. I toyed with performers I loved more but he succeeds mostly because whatever else he'll have a good rapport with my choice for Ann, I think.

...the young Princess longing for a break from her royal duties...
Originally played by Audrey Hepburn
Played here by Lupita Nyong'o
Too on the nose? I considered Carrie MacLemore for a very long time and it's true Lupita is a few years older than the very young Ann, but I feel she works in a way of having that quality of being winsome and beguiling without any sense of insincerity. It would serve her well in a role like this.


Anonymous said...

I'd watch it! I didn't really care for the original all that much, so I'd love an inspired update.

Walter L. Hollmann said...

That's insane.

Fernando Quintero said...

I would totally watch this version.