Friday, 30 May 2014

Casting Coup 1953: From Here to Eternity

And, it comes to an end. The week of casting the Best Picture lineup of 1953 closes with the Picture winner From Here to Eternity. I'm most pleased with my cast for this one. Check out all the previous entries (HERE) and Walter's choices (HERE). Walter and I will both be heading back to 1953 for June to take a look at the movies and in some cases the awardage.

...a belligerent soldier who torments Maggio...
originally played by Ernest Borgnine
played here by Stephen Grahame
He's not quite as large as the name suggests but he'd be excellent at tapping into that menacing quality essential for the role with the sort of electricity that the drama demands.

...the husband of our leading lady, and not necessarily the finest spouse...
originally played by Philip Ober
played here by Colin Firth
One of my favourite movie trends of the 90s was Firth playing cuckolded husbands in Best Picture winners. Make it a trio and have him play Dana. I could see him terrorising Prewitt, and I could see him leading a band of men, in his way.

...a friend of Prewitt who doesn't hold his liquor well...
originally played by Frank Sinatra
played here by Corey Stoll
The role calls for some amount of gravitas while being able to nail someone losing control and Stoll is excellent at that. In addition, he's great at playing an addict.

...go below the jump to see my choices for the main quartet

...a girl at a gentleman's club Prewitt falls for...
originally played by Donna Reed
played here by Lizzy Caplan
The role is not the deepest, so it depends on someone who can imbue slight parts with profundity. Caplan is an underrated dramatic performer and she'd do justice to this role without making it seem negligible or cliched. 

...a harassed soldier during the war, and a former boxer...
originally played by Montgomery Clift
played here by Garrett Hedlund
I'd believe him as a boxer, I'd believe him as a soldier and I'd definitely believe him as the sort of tough but sensitive man who holds things close to himself to his own detriment.

....the couple at the centre of this doomed romance...
originally played by Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr
played here by Jude Law and Kate Winslet
This is my ideal pair. They played siblings in The Holiday and All the King's Men did not give me what it should, both were my immediate choices. Kate is good at the internal struggle which marks Karen's character, Jude would make a great romantic lead opposite her as a guy to root for without being a perfect man. Also, they'd definitely look good on the beach.

So ends the week of casting.
Lupita as Princess Anna? Daniel Craig as Shane? Tom Hiddleston chanelling Richard Burton? Which recast film works best?


Walter L. Hollmann said...

Shut the fuck up about Garrett Hedlund. We are on POINT.

Stephen Graham and Lizzy Caplan now seem like such "duh" choices that I'm almost -- ALMOST -- ashamed. I still like my choices, but those are damn good ones!

MovieNut14 said...

Ooh, I like the idea of casting Firth as a neglectful husband.