Monday, 20 January 2014

I'm beginning to see the Links

It's been a while since I've done one of these....

I don't like American Hustle very much, and yet this tweet from Nick (Cinema Romantico) made me pause, and think. Isn't that one of the best things? When thoughts on a film you don't really care for make you think? I'd argue that if that is American Hustle's intent, Russell drops the ball by not clearly explicating the point since only Adams and Cooper truly make good on that claim without missing the film's beat. But it does make me curious to rewatch it. Speaking of Cooper and Adams (my easy MVP's) Nick wrote a piece on that disco scene. LINK

One of the first features I did on this blog was Forgotten Characters and like last year I'll launch my 2013 year in review soonish by looking back at some of my favourite fleeting performances from 2013. Alex (AND SO IT BEGINS) takes a look at fifteen. LINK

It'll be a few weeks before I finish one of these but Jose (POP MATTERS) reveals his top of 2013 and I especially love what he has to say about The Past. LINK
I'm really intrigued by this piece from Manuel (A BLOG NEXT DOOR) asking the question, What's the difference between a cinephile and a fan? Movie lovers can sometimes get into the oddest of arguments amongst themselves. LINK

In addition to being a movie I really, really, really, really liked Inside Llewyn Davis is the 2013 film I keep searching for reviews about (for 2012 it was Holy Motors). This one from Tim (ANTAGONY AND ECSTASY) is one of my favourites. LINK

Bill Ryan (THE KIND OF FACE YOU HATE) writes an excellent essay on Stanley Kramer as a director, specifically his "comedic" sensibilities in It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World, one of the Stanley Kramer films I've yet to see. LINK

And, as a bonus: I LOVE Julia Roberts so I keep grinning whenever I remember this post from Jason (MY NEW PLAID PANTS). Like him, I don't know why I was allowed to watch Pretty Woman so often, and at such a young age. LINK

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Nick Prigge said...

To clarify, I tweeted that in the wake of a wave of anti-"Hustle" comments that all unspooled on my Twitter feed in the span of about five minutes. It put me in a pissy mood. But I still stand by it. I think Lawrence's acting is pretty heightened as well because I think both she and the character are adopting that Real New Jersey Housewife sorta persona. And I think Bale lays it on thick too, albeit in a different way than Cooper.

But that's really what the whole film was to me - acting, role playing, performing. And I think that's why it can feel so busy and perhaps, at times, under-nourished, because it's trying on different hats as if we are seeing both rehearsals and the finished product.

Anyway, I'm rambling. Thank you kindly for the link, my friend.