Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Hit Me With Your Best Shot: Mary Poppins

Hello, blog. I have forsaken you for a long time.

I was uncertain whether or not I'd participate in this week's Hit Me series for Nathaniel because even though he says we don't NEED to justify our choices in lengthy prose, I feel I ought to. And, with time against me I just knew I wouldn't get the chance to write as much on this lovely thing that is Mary Poppins.

I then imagined the withering glance Mary would give me if she knew the terrible state I've kept this blog in. I can almost hear her saying, "Get your shit together, Andrew."

Because, above all else, Mary Poppins is the Queen of withering glances, sharp quips and a general judgemental disposition. It is, of course, why I consider an idol. Her self-importance is matched by her skill. She say she's practically perfect in every way, and she's not boasting it's a statement of fact. And she knows that you are certainly practically perfect in any way really. You, plural.

Behold a the withering glances.
 Dear world, Mary Poppins needs you to get your act together.

Incidentally, little preparation time or no I knew which shot I loved most so I couldn't pass up the opportunity for what is Mary Poppins but the beacon of Disney, at least partially. And what captures the world of make-believe merging with the real world as beautifully,
Sometimes a little thing can be quite important, Mary says of the globe. And goodness, in such a beautiful film my best shot feels woefully inadequate but "Feed the Birds" has always been the best and most effective song of the entire musical. The sequence moves me in a way that I find difficult to explain and the image of the snow globe in the palm of her hand is representative of so much.

It's just a snow globe but it's also a globe holding so many possibilities and becomes our entry into this achingly beautiful tale of this bird-woman. Innocuous, certainly, but that's the beauty. Stationary the shot loses much of its beauty, but in motion it's something wondrous.

There's probably a larger story in there about movie magic needing to be in motion to work, but I'm out of time. For now what I'll take away from this umpteenth rewatch of Mary Poppins is that it's high time I sort out my surroundings re my blog and get everything put in its right place. Mary's brand of self awareness and superciliousness is surely something we should all strive to. For who wouldn't want to be as touched by magic but oozing with the warmth of humanity? Also, singing and dancing.

Dear blog, I will return to you soonish because Mary commands it.

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Brittani Burnham said...

Ha, great post. That is a very good "get your shit together" look.

Daniel said...

Love, love, love that snow globe. Particularly how the "snow" doesn't look like snow so much as it looks like birds, which is appropriate. I have always been in love with the song, too. The whole sequence is beautiful, really.

Ryan McNeil said...

Welcome back - we've missed you.