Tuesday, 1 January 2013

You Gotta Link Sometime

I spent a great deal of the last few days catching up on some blog reading, and what better way to ring in the new year than by pointing you towards some good reading material?

Links ahead.

Remember back in 2009 when I fell head over heels in love with An Education? Of course you do, if you were reading this blog back then. Izzet (DRUNKEN POLTERGEIST) writes a lovely, detailed article on why it is a film worthy of love. LINK

Craig (DARK EYE SOCKET) like many bloggers has already begun closing the book on cinema 2012 and has a list of his favourite female performances of the year. LINK It’s a great batch, so it won’t send me into a tailspin.

And, who would have thought Greta Gerwig would be so ubiquitous only a few years later?
Andy (THE FILM EMPORIUM) reviews the 2010 film, Greenberg where Gerwig stars opposite Ben Stiller. LINK Can you imagine Violet from Damsels having to deal with the eponymous Greenberg?

Nick (CINEMA ROMANTICO) is also wrapping and announces his random cinematic awards. I say, good job to any award given to Lizzie Caplan’s great work in Bachelorette. LINK

If you follow me on twitter (and, if not, why the hell not?) you’ll know I vowed to keep Rachel Weisz on your minds come Oscar season – awards’ love or not. So, naturally, I’ve been generally euphoric at the mentions she’s managed. True, an Oscar nomination might be unlikely but I’m just pleased that The Deep Blue Sea is being remembered anywhere.
So, of course, I will link to any top 10 list which features it and Andreas (PUSSY GOES GRRR) LINK and Toby (BLAH BLAH BLAH GAY) LINK both have it as their #1. I approve.

Ryan (THE MATINEE) is taking a look back on 2012 by considering what some of his favourite shots were. LINK

Usually I tend not to link to reviews of news films, if only because it’s so difficult to write a great post on something you’ve seen just once but I have to link to three reviews of 2012 films.

First, Tim Brayton (ANTAGONY AND ECSTASY) has an excellent take on On the Road, not only because his thoughts mirror mine (although I like it a little more than he) but it expertly touches on all the exasperating ways the film avoids success. Also, I love the title of the review. LINK
(Updated, and since I'd prefer the only link for Tim be on a film he didn't care for go check out his recently posted top 10 films and notes on 2012 in film LINK.)

The other new review I include is not because I agree (I wasn’t a big fan of Lincoln) but Bill (THE KIND OF FACE YOU HATE) writes a great article on why he loves the film. I’m eager to rewatch it now, if only to see how his arguments hold up with a second viewing. LINK

Finally, Andreas (PUSSY GOES GRRR) ponders on what Holy Motors is all about touching on some familiar and original thoughts on what Carax is trying to tell us. LINK

And, two things to close with. Shane (FILM ACTUALLY) is hosting an Oscar competition with a real prize and everything. I'd prefer if none of you participated to increase my chance at winning, but I suppose he'd prefer it if you did take part so...knock yourselves out. LINK

And, finally, I've been a fan of Barbra Streisand for some time and she deserves major props for continuing to do new things as an artist well into her fifth decade as an entertainer. I love this excerpt from an interview where she discusses her star-making duet with Judy Garland when Babs was 21 (!!!) and Judy 41. LINK That, "You wonder, “Well, do I give it up? Do I retire? Or do I get more in before my time is up?" does make you go hmmm. It'll be a sad day when Streisand's star is no longer burning.

So, there, a modest number of good quality blogs to head over to. Happy reading, and here's to a movie-filled 2013.


Squasher88 said...

Haha, thanks for the plug.

Nick Prigge said...

Thank you, sir! Any and all "Bachelorette" fans make me happy.

Squasher88 said...

Your post makes me wonder if I should announce how many bloggers have signed up so far. I was gonna do that to see if it encourages a few more last-minute entries.
Now I'm wondering if the decreased chance of winning would discourage people. Hmmm..