Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Look, we’ve come through…also, links

I was vacillating on whether or not to make an explicit mention of this due to my own guilt about hectic nature of this space in the last three months or so but today marks the fourth anniversary of this ever developing blog. It’s less years since the blog actually started becoming something coherent, but anniversaries aren’t always arbitrary and pointless. No, I’m not about to get maudlin but the corporeality of the blog format makes for great tangible way of representing something you’ve created (no matter how fleeting) and of noting how one develops as a writer. Case in point, I’m still ferociously embarrassed about at least two-thirds of most of what I wrote in that first year.
If the last year on the blog has been underwhelming in spots (although, thanks everyone who helped on the very fun Performances of the ‘90s Tournament) hopefully the next one is a bit more coherent and efficient.

And, now, for some links… (some oldies interspersed among them, but goodies nonetheless).

As usual, I’ll star my year-end awards with the new year well underway (the end of the month) and I’m always fond of re-reading older reviews from some of my favourite online writers. Tim Brayton’s (ANTAGONY AND ECSTASY) review of one of my favourites – no surprise to you, I’ve been touting it all year - The Deep Blue Sea is one I always love to come back to. LINK

Michael’s (SERIOUS FILM) citation for the last year’s best death scene is a fine choice. (Spoilers, naturally.) And considering how many deaths there were in 2012, I feel I’ll have to add a category just for this year. LINK

Nick (CINEMA ROMANTICO) highlights his ten favourite performances of the year. We’d probably only overlap on a single performance, but that’s glorious thing about many options. I’ve been less enthused about 2012 in film generally but it has offered an array of good to great performances. For that I am very grateful. LINK

Amir (AMIRESQUE) launched an awards for the contributors of THE FILM EXPERIENCE to team up on. Holy Motors reigned supreme. LINK

These are only images but Jose’s question (MOVIES KICK ASS) makes me start doing some serious pondering. I already went to bat for The Paperboy and messy as it is in parts, it makes stunning use of imagery.
The more I think on it, too, I really do become excited to see what Zac Efron does next. LINK

Without putting too much thought into it The Great Gatsby is, perhaps, the 2013 film I’m most anxious to see (or somewhere near). It makes Ruth’s (FLIXCHATTER) list of 2013 films she’s anticipating. LINK

Star Trek is one of my cinematic blindspots. I didn’t even know Alfre Woodard was in one of them. Yojimbo (LET’S NOT TALK ABOUT MOVIES) takes a look at First Contact for his “Don’t Make a Scene”. LINK

One of my favourite pieces from Andreas (PUSSY GOES GRR) last year was this bit on a scene from the excellent Dog Day Afternoon. Really, how perfect is this movie? LINK

Even though I liked it mostly I said that I never was interested in seeing We Need to talk About Kevin again, and I’m not really. But this oldie from Paolo (OKINAWA ASSAULT INCIDENT) often makes me curious to. LINK Speaking of Tilda and Ezra and Lyne Jessica (THE VELVET CAFÉ) has it at the top of her best of the year list. LINK

CS (BIG THOUGHTS FROM A SMALL MIND) lists his top ten films of the year – I see two films I loved, two I really liked, and a few other goodies. So, I approved. LINK

One of my favourite entries from Craig’s (DARKEYESOCKET) now retired series “Take Three” was the one he did on Alfre Woodard. When can I get Alfre in a Violet from August: Osage County like role? She needs and deserves it. LINK

Alex (FILM FORAGER) has only good things to say about Anderson’s wonderful The Royal Tenenbaums. As she should. LINK

So, again, thanks to all those who’ve bothered to read the blog over the years and head off to read some that probably even better. LINK


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Nick Prigge said...

Thanks for the link! I wanted to tell you that in the rough draft of those 10 performances, Weisz was in it. Then I saw Jessica Chastain in "ZDR" and.....well......it just called out to me more.

I'm still rooting for Rachel to get a nom tomorrow morning, even though I don't think she will.