Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Some Enchanted Links...

I've been long overdue with my sometimes regular community service of offering up great links for you to read, so prepare yourselves. I've been somewhat remiss in blog housekeeping over the past fortnight so I'm heading off to do some reading, join me.

Although a few shows have already premiered, this week marks the official return of network television's new season. The finest drama on network TV and one of the finest in ALL TV returns on Sunday, CBS' The Good Wife.
Jose (Movies Kick Ass) reviews the excellent third season over at Pop Matters. LINK Who's ready for Kalinda's return?

Nick (Cinema Romantico, Anomalous Material) takes a look at the often poorly remembered, but nonetheless sharp Duplicity - a very good romantic comedy/thriller from Tony Gilroy and one of my top 15 from 2009. LINK The film also boasts a top notch turn from Julia Roberts and although I love my Actress lineup of Cornish, Mulligan, Pfeiffer, Ronan, Wright in retrospect she might replace Wright or Ronan on that list.

Paolo (Okinawa Assault Incident) has this great thing he does over at his tumblr where he compares similar shots from starkly different films. I don't know how he finds time to be so discerning but here are four of my favourites: Close Encounters of the Third Kind and The Piano LINK In the Name of the Father and Dead Man Walking LINK The Silence of the Lambs and The Remains of the Day LINK The Insider and The Tree of Life LINK

I was one of the few bloggers championing Oliver Stone's cooly received Savages, it's one of the better films I've seen for the year. Craig (darkeyesocket) is not a big fan but I still like so much of his review, especially his choice for the film's finest scenes. LINK This Hayek's movie, folks. I don't know why she's not getting the plaudits that, say, McConaughey is getting for similarly excessively larger-than-life work in Magic Mike.

With the news that Iran will be boycotting next year's Oscars it means they will not be defending their Foreign Language title. Amir (Amiresque) is, of course, a bit put out by it. LINK

Andy (The Film Emporium) takes a break from film to list his ten favourite albums of the year. LINK My favourite album of the year is probably either the Revival Recording of Porgy and Bess or the Original Cast Recording of Bonnie & Clyde, for actual commercial music fun.'s Some Nights is an easy winner.

In the Blindspot series some bloggers take a look at older films which have evaded them. CS (Big Thoughts From a Small Mind) takes a look at The Battle of Algiers LINK Andreas (Pussy Goes Grrr) uncovers Dr. Mabuse the Gambler LINK and Ryan (The Matinee), the host, reviews Touch of Evil LINK

Jessica (The Velvet Café ) finds All About Eve (one of my favourite films) still relevant, today. LINK And, but of course. 1950 was a great year for film, but boy Mankiewicz's film towers above them all for me.

Ruth (FlixChatter) remembers the life of Christopher Reeves by naming her five favourite films with him. LINK Being the Merchant Ivory fanatic that I am, who is surprised that The Remains of the Day is my favourite? No one, I'm sure.

Alex (Film Forager) re-watched Grease the other day and was live-tweeting on twitter and then she wrote about it. And, Grease is amazing (Grease is the word, y'all.) Can anyone even argue with Alex's last line? LINK That score is irresistible.

Michael (Serious Film) asked a question over at The Film Experience, which films improve on repeat viewings? Not the ones you loved, but love even more on subsequent viewings....the ones you didn't care for but then grow to appreciate over time? LINK I swear, I'm still scratching my head trying to think of one, but you go answer in the interim...

It's been a whiiiiiiile since I've done a Scene on a Sunday piece, but Yojimbo (Let's Not Talk About Movies) is regular with his "Don't Make a Scene" pieces. The most recent pick? Moonstruck. LINK

And this one is an oldie, but if you know this blog you'll know I'm always at the ready to include a nod for all things Titanic. It's why I get along so well with Nick. He was musing on an issue that often comes up with Titanic doubters, that fateful post-sinking decision for only Rose to remain on that all-important board thus leading to deaths and whatnot. James Cameron addressed the issue recently, which makes me half amused and half elated. LINK And, naturally, Nick is as pleased as I.

All fourteen of these fine bloggers were VERY helpful in making that ongoing Essential Performances of the 90s Project a reality in its initial stage. The semi-final polls closed earlier today HERE, and the poll for the finals goes up tomorrow. I've VERY surprised (but, happy) that it's a female / female finale with two redheads. True, I'd have loved a redhead showdown with Susan Sarandon in it, but this is a fine pair.

Now, go perform your own blogger civic duty and go read.


Amir said...

Torn as always between Sunset Boulevard and All About Eve for the best of 1950.
I always lean toward Sunset, but it's one of those very tough decisions. My friend likes to compare it to 1977 between Annie Hall and Star Wars, but Annie's a no-brainer for me.

ruth said...

Thank you for the link love, good sir!

I'll be sure to stop by to see the final poll, woo hoo!

Jessica said...

Thank you for the link love! So there are more as great movies from 1950 as this one? I guess I need to do some more exploring. I've met a few disappointments when I've tried older films. I often try to love them but find that I can't. But sometimes there ARE gems, like this one. So all you can do is to get back to digging. Never giving up.

Paolo said...

Thanks for the links, Andrew!

Also, you guys know what's a better movie than Eve or Sunset? In a Lonely Place. Nick Ray's a fucking rock star and I cherish him.

Nick Prigge said...

Thanks for the links, my friend! Judging from the other reactions to that Duplicity piece others are not as enamored of it as us, but ah well. You and I know what we see.

Ryan McNeil said...

Thanks for the link good sir - perhaps in 2013, you'll consider getting in on the blind spot series?

CS said...

Thanks for the link love, Andrew. I truly appreciate it.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

amir even though all about eve wins easily it's a GREAT crop. and, yeah, 77 is much more of a no-brainer for me.

ryan ugh, i keep meaning to MEANING to and then, boom, i get lazy and don't. and, i also need to suss out the rules. (if there are any.)

jessica signs of a true cinephile. we never stop digging.

nick which is a shame because it's SO funny. sigh.

cs, paolo, ruth thank YOU, all.