Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Essential Performances of the ‘90s Tournament: Round Three, Showdown 6

I had mentioned to Andreas on twitter how much I like when the match-ups pit two former co-stars against each other and I had this weird feeling that Susan Sarandon and Leonardo DiCaprio had been in a movie together. Alas, my mind was playing tricks on me (why haven't they played mother and son?), but this is still a tough battle for me.

The bracket for the entire Essential Performances of the 90s performers still in the race is HERE.

If you haven't voted all the open games are HERE.

If you’re new to the showdown, background on its genesis is HERE. If you’re interested enough and love any of the upcoming performances feel free to defend them on your own blogs and send me a link so (information HERE).

Susan Sarandon in Thelma and Louise (1991) as Louise Sawyer
Best Actress
-Academy Award
-BAFTA Award
-Boston Society of Film Critics Award (WON)
-Chicago Film Critics Association Awards
-David di Donatello Awards (WON, Best Foreign Actress - Tied with Geena Davis)
-Golden Globe Awards
-London Critics Circle Film Awards (WON)
-National Board of Review (WON, Tied with Geena Davis)
-National Society of Film Critics Award (Third Place)
-New York Film Critics Circle Awards (Runner Up, Tied with Geena Davis)
-Sant Jordi Awards

Leonardo DiCaprio in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993) as Arnie Grape
Best Supporting Actor
-Academy Award
-Chicago Film Critics Association Award (WON)
-Golden Globes
-National Board of Review (WON)
-National Society of Film Critics Award (Runner Up)
-New York Film Critics Circle Award (Runner Up)


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