Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The Essential Performances of the 90s Showdown: UPDATE

The blog has been taken over with the 90s Performance Showdown, but I’m still taking a few moments to update you. In case you haven’t been here for a while I’m hosting a Tournament in search of the best performance of the 90s (background and rules, HERE). You folks are helping me sort through the 64 by voting for which performances you think you should move on to Round 2, and a group of valiant bloggers are helping me offer up defences for all 64 performances. All open games are HERE and we still have 16 more games to sort through.

But, now is as good a time as any to point your way to next week when round 2 begins and I’ll really need your help. Instead of the usual four, two games will be going up per day and they’ll be accompanied by links to your blogs where you’ll offer up defences of any performance you’re really backing, if you care to.

Of course, you’ll have to check the bracket HERE to see which performances actually advance to round 2. Thus far Jodie Foster in The Silence of the Lambs, Anthony Hopkinson The Remains of the Day, Julianne Moore in Safe and Nicolas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas have all made it through to round 2. Jodie will be going up against Anthony and Julianne against Nicolas next WEDNESDAY when voting for round 2 will begin. So, if you’ve got legitimate love for any of these performances do a write-up of whatever length you wish and send me an email so I can include the link when the polls go up next week. The winner of Game 5 will face off the winner of Game 6 ion Wednesday, as will the winner of Game 7 and 8. And 2 more games a day until we’ve gone through all 32 finalists, and so on. So, ensure that you post your write-ups BEFORE the polls go up so your links can be included.

And, if you want to ensure that your favourite performance is still there for you to write on, go VOTE in all the open games. And spread the word.

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