Saturday, 18 August 2012

Make the Most of Your Links

It's been some time since I've submitted an offering of links for your reading pleasure. So, as part of my civic duty as a movie blogger here are some links for you to head off to.

Tim (Antagony and Ecstasy) takes occasional looks back at summer blockbusters of the past and this week he took a look back at the somewhat underappreciated Mr & Mrs Smith. LINK He's got so many astute points to make on what makes the film successful and why it works more often than not, and I'm generally on board with all he has to say - especially the film existing as probably the best example of Jolie and Pitt performing in star-personas with ease. Also, he gets 100 points for the line: "...because film scholars want to pretend that it is not totally hot to imagine Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn boning". Just go read.

And, one good (Brad Pitt) turn deserves another. Tyler (Southern Vision) gives a stellar review to Andrew Dominik's The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford LINK, one of my favourite films of 2007 with an outstanding performance by Brad Pitt (my second favourite male performance of that year).

A directive in the form of a link: last week the excellent Nathaniel (The Film Experience) hosted the penultimate episode of this season of his "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" where participants choose their favourite shot from a film. We covered Singin' in the Rain LINK. Next week, the final episode this year turns to Dog Day Afternoon one of those good AND important films of the seventies. So, PARTICIPATE!
 On the topic of Singin' in the Rain, Paul (Lasso the Movies) gives a few words on it. LINK I don't think he's the only one who feels like dancing when watches it.

Ever so often Yojimbo (Let's Not Talk About Movies) looks back at all the films of a particular director after he's watched all their films. His latest entry was for Chris Nolan LINK a director I'm often unable to truly love. (For what it's worth my favourite film of his is either The Prestige or Insomnia, make of that what you will.)

Walter (The Silver Screening Room) is undergoing a historical movie project, taking a look at the year 1975 in film and adjudging the legitimacy of the Academy's picks. Head over and real all the entries, thus far. I'm especially loving his analysis of the Supporting Actor field. LINK From memory I go with Sarandon in Dog Day Afternoon, although Jack Warden in Shampoo is a worthy second choice.

Remember Weekend? That excellent 2011 release? Jessica (The Velvet CafĂ©) recommends it heartily.  LINK Truly one of the finer films of the new decade, no? I hope that New and Cullen give similarly good performances later in their careers. I hope they get long careers, and I hope Andrew Haigh continues to make good films.

I was not much of a fan of the commercially successful Think Like a Man (liked it parts) earlier this year, but The Kid in the Front Row offers up a few reasons to why it's a good movie. LINK I'm especially pleased to see his mentions of Meagan Good and Regina Hall, two actresses who I'd love to see get better roles than they're often relegated to. The beacon of Think Like a Man was its excellent use of so many underutilised black performers.

And, to close on three fun things. First, the very talented Alex (Film Forager) has had Catwoman - and her various incarnations - on her mind, recently. So, she drew them all. LINK Fabulous artwork.

Second James (Rants of a Diva) invites David (Victim of the Time) over to discuss one entry on his list of "hottest men". This time around, Ryan Phillippe. LINK (Ryan's been doing fairly good work on the final season of Damages, but I've not written a single word on this season of television: soon maybe I can eke out some lines on it, Wilfred, Episodes, Breaking Bad and a few more).

And, third, I did not fully the Olympics' much but I tend to read most of what Nick (Cinema Romantico) rights, and even if you didn't watch this bit on what he'll remember most from the Games is a delight. LINK Also, quotable quotes.

(Okay, one final thing. Have you been voting in the ongoing Essential Performances of the 90s Tournament I've been hosting with some helpful bloggers? If you've not, find out what it is HERE and help me when round two begins HERE and vote in all the open polls HERE.)

So, you've got a wide array to choose. Head off to read some good links. You know you want to.


Alex said...

Awesome link assortment, thank you so much for including my Catwoman drawings!

Jessica said...

Thank you so much for the link love! Apparently Weekend is a very small release and I think it deserves a much bigger audience. We had to wait for ages to it to get it here and for a while I thought I would have to wait for a DVD release but finally it turned up. My little indie arthouse theatre saved me once again. My movie going would be so much less interesting without it.

Nick Prigge said...

Aw, thanks man. I really appreciate that particular link.