Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Essential Performances of the ‘90s Tournament: Round Two, Showdown 15

Thanks for voting all, there are still more than half a dozen open polls (all HERE) so help me find the finest performance of the 90s.

The full bracket is HERE and if you’re new to the showdown, background on its genesis is HERE. If you’re interested enough and love any of the upcoming performances feel free to defend them on your own blogs and send me a link so (information HERE).

This poll closes next Monday.

Holly Hunter in The Piano (1993) as Ada McGrath
Because she doesn't have dialogue, but for that which comes over head, Hunter deftly shows how talented a performer she is by making excellent use of her other faculties - specifically her expressive face which is at times expressive, sometimes warmer, but always searing in the way it tells so much of her story in only moments. Random: Campion has created a number of fine roles for women (and some for women, too) but Hunter's work here does seem to emerge as the quintessential Campion performance.

Nicole Kidman in To Die For (1995) as Suzanne Stone-Maretto

Kidman's penchant for comedy is often forgotten (even at her most "dramatic" in The Hours, for example, so much goodness comes from her vague comedic moments - the kitchen scene, for one)  and the way she delivers on the macabre humour of Suzanne with such ease is impressive not only because of the performance itself. She slyly cajoles you into identifying with this ridiculous woman even as you laugh at her lunacy. Random: She's great in many moments, but her stoniness as she presses play on the tape to blare "All By Myself" at her husband's funeral is a favourite.


yoga bali said...

nice work

Paolo said...

Holly's first look at New Zealand versus Nicole turning into a doll when Matt Dillon tells her to stop her work. Two great silent moments. I don't know who will win.

Maurice Mitchell said...

Holly Hunter's work always inspires

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

yoga thank you. and i hope you return to keep voting :D

paolo as i said on twitter, i love this comment so much. holly's here for a campion film and nicole was a campion muse, too, so it's not too surprising that they might have similar registers as performers. both such good performances.

maurice indeed, especially here.

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