Saturday, 7 July 2012

I've Got You To Link On

If you're not reading, then you're not blogging correctly. So, consider this my way of helping you get the optimum blogging experience by providing some links for reading pleasure. So, kindly head over to these fine blogs and do some reading.

Generally, I try not to link to the same features twice in a row but I've got to give massive kudos to Craig (dark eye socket) for his entry in this week's Take Three where he turns his attention to the excellent Alfre Woodard link I mentioned Craig's post yesterday as something as an impetus for casting her in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf Inverse Casting, and I'm always pleased to see Woodard getting mentioned. She's in so much, and always doing so well, but golly - I wish she'd be lucky enough to do more than bit parts. More strong supporting roles, please.
And, for the hell of it (because there's nothing wrong with reading older blog entries, folks) head over and check out Stinkylulu's Supporting Actress Smackdown from three years ago which took a look at 1983 in Supporting ladies when Woodard got her sole Oscar nomination Cross Creek link, she didn't win the Smackdown, but enjoy nonetheless.

On the topic of blog features, Courtney (Big Thoughts from a Small Mind) has a new one: "The Good, the Bland and the Ugly" with one film representing each aspect of a an actor or filmmaker's oevure. His focus on Steve Soderbergh this time around. link Not that you asked, but my favourite Soderbergh film is, surprise, Erin Brockovich - which Oscar win or not - is an oddly under-appreciated film.

JA (My New Plaid Pants) ruminates on which Hitchcock film he loves most with some Cinematic Knowledge (...everything you need to know about life...) from Pyscho. link And, another older link for your reading pleasure - a group of bloggers watched Psycho to choose our favourite shot for Nathaniel (The Film Experience) and his "Hit Me With Your Best Shot Series" link

I was having a conversation with, Jose I think it was, some months ago where I was convinced Thomas Newman had been Oscared for his work on American Beauty (I'm always so pleased when contemporary films have excellent music). I was wrong. Still, the score is great and Tyler (Southern Vision) takes some time to write a send-up of it. link
And, speaking of Jose...he(Movies Kick Ass) makes a case for Jason Robards in Long Day's Journey Into Night over at Pop Matters' Essential Performances List. link It's a film I grow to appreciate more the older I get, and even as I agree with each word he says Robards is still my least favourite of the main quartet. Kudos to Lumet for eliciting such strong performers from that cast. Also, MASSIVE kudos to Matt Mazur's write-up on Phylicia Rashad in A Raisin in the Sun. True, Audra just barely eclipses her for MVP for me, but it's a performance of such astounding depth, I wish there'd have been a big-screen incarnation.

Yashoda (The Oncoming Hope) is filling in the gaps of films she's not seen before and turns to Nora Ephron's Sleepless in Seattle. link I love the points she makes, and though I'm generally apathetic towards Hanks, and a bit cold on Ryan I love the work they both do here. (Incidentally, I am not the least bit fond of You've Got Mail, with the trio a few years later.)

So, the world is ending. Three weeks are left. What movies do you rush out to see? That's the question Kristin (All Eyes on Screen) is asking link And, it's a post made all the better for a random clip of The Office, even if the show's been not as excellent recently.

This one from Daniel (The Deleted Scene) is a bit more personal than the others. He finished making his short film and is grateful for the contribution of donors. link I like how he intersperses this appreciation with thoughts on film in general, and Be Kind, Reward specifically.

And, to close on something more random but still amusing. Colin (Never Mind Pop Film) makes a list of "Rules of the Cinematic Universe" link. And, they all amuse.
So, now that the linking is done - get to reading. 

ADDENDUM: There's a running feature over at the Large Association of Movie Blogs, and every other day you vote for an anonymous reviewing contest. You have until the rest of the day to vote for your favourite review of Batman: Mask of the Phantasm. GO VOTE HERE.


CS said...

Thanks for the link love, Andrew! We already have a solid list of people to cover in the feature moving forward. Should be interesting.

Colin Biggs said...

Thanks for the linkage. It is much appreciated in the slow summer season.