Monday, 21 May 2012

Hurry! It's Linkin' Up Here (and LAMB stuff, too)

My favourite post this week comes courtesy of Yojimbo (Let's Not Talk About Movies) who has seen all of Tim Burton's films and takes a look at them through the ages. link What I appreciate most about it are his kind words for the woefully underrated,  but beautiful and enchanting nonetheless, Big Fish easily one of my favourite films of the last decade. I wonder if, in some way, the poor response to understated might explain his recent love for overexertion. I still appreciate, the man, regardless...

And, while we talk about Tim Burton, I shall annoy you all and say that I think the celebrated Emmanuel Lubezki did his finest photography in a Burton film - the excellent Sleepy Hollow. Andrew (Andy Buckle's Film Emporium) lists his eleven favourite cinemtographers and Lubezki is on his list. link I'm tempted to do a list of my own soonish, I can think of five persons not on his list off the top of my head. But, I do love good photography (proof).
One of the 2011 films that ended up being swept under the rug, somewhat, was Roman Polanski's meticulously directed Carnage (incidentally, his The Ghost Writer one year earlier was also curiously ignored). Luckily Carnage managed to eke out two Golden Globe nods, and I liked it - and so did Nick (Cinema Romantico) who gave five reasons he will always remember it fond. link And, while we speak of fine 2011 films with Kate Winslet John (John Likes Movies) has a rousing recommendation for Contagion (which made my top 10 last year). Another film that was bizarrely forgotten. link

I've noted before that Ruth (FlixChatter) has a love for James Bond, and she goes about brainstorming some choices for directing a new Bond film. The most obvious choice I can think of not on the list is Tomas Alfredson, of those on her list I'm partial to Branagh. link

Glenn (Stale Popcorn) draws something startling to my attention. Okay, perhaps not startling but his shedding a light on the Instagram Effect in movie posters does intrigue. link Of the twelve posters, Weekend does it best. (I really liked Weekend, by the way.)

True story: the first thing I think about when I hear Sexy Beast is Whoopi Goldberg hosting the 2001 Oscars and proclaiming herself as the original sexy beast as she came down from the rafters a la Satine in Moulin Rouge. My mind....I know. I was only talking about Winstone's work in The Departed the other day, and Paolo (Okinawa Assault), looks at him in Sexy Beast. link

This post from Vance (The Audient) amuses me somewhat, he muses on the way he forgot that he'd seen the animated film Sleeping Beauty while pointing out that the 2011 version (creepy and unnerving) is not as easy to forget. link Oddly, I think that the animated Sleeping Beauty is one of Disney's finest films. What say you? Do you remember Malificent's awesome evilness or no?

I feel like such a right fool for not writing my bit for Amir (Amiresque) and his Pixar retrospective (I do not love Pixar as much, so it's difficult). He writes a lovely bit on Toy Story II, though. link I'm sure he'd love your input for further series, too.

Ever feel like your creativity is waning on dormant projects? The Kid (Kid in the Front Row) gives you ten tips to find that creative spark. Humorous and insightful. link

Also, voting has begun on my LAMB feature LAMB Casting, take a minute to choose a favourite cast for a remake of Woody Allen's Interiors. Even if you haven't seen the film, which cast intrigues you most? link VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!

And, another also, I quaked. As a LAMB contributor, I figured it'd be rather poor form for me to not join the fun and games of FYC's for the Lammy's, so here goes.
Vote for whom you wish, folks, but I urge each of you to vote since the point of the Lammy's is to let us know your thoughts. The only real horse I have in the race is my Scene on a Sunday features which take much too long to do, but are one of my favourite things about the blog. Cast your votes at whichever gift horse your choose, but VOTE people (and, no, I don't know why I keep using horse metaphors). There are some blogs which do interesting things with rating systems, some have excellent running features, some blog-a-thons happened earlier in the year. Don't forget, and all your LAMBS vote. Vote here ---->>>> link VOTE!

Okay, enough hectoring from me. Adieu. And, remember, blogging is communal so kindly visit the various blogs I've linked to above and start fostering some great dialogue with your fellow movie lovers. Movie loving and blogging shouldn't be done in a vacuum. Okay, I'm done hectoring for real now.

Cheers (go read and vote). 


ruth said...

Thanks for the linkage, Andrew! He..he.. somehow I knew you'd like Branagh, but hey Tomas Alfredson is a good choice, though hopefully his Bond film won't be as slow as Tinker Tailor, ahah.

Nick Prigge said...

Thank you so much for the link! So glad we have mutual fondness for "Carnage."

And your Scene on a Sunday will be getting a nom from me (amongst other noms). I love Scenes on a Sunday, though I will admit to not yet having read the "Bright Star" breakdown only because I have yet to see "Bright Star." I should rectify this.

Paolo said...

Thanks for the link and good luck with the LAMMY's! Also, your own write-up on Ray Winstone makes me want to rewatch The Departed. :)