Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Exit April, Enter May

I don’t regularly recap monthly happenings on the blog, only every now and then. (Mostly then.) But with the year already quarter gone a look back is timely, I think.

Despite the 29 posts, which is not as little as I think it is, April has been a weird month for me. I still feel like I haven’t quite acclimated to blogging life since the “hiatus” towards the end of March and spilling over to the beginning of April. And, blogging sometimes get to be a bit like Fight Club (not with the self flagellation, well – not only) – you don’t talk about blogging. But, I think it’s imperative that I send out hearty thanks to you folks for sticking around through the undulation – invisible reader, and commenters both. Although, if you don’t comment I can’t actually thank you.

Those Scene on a Sunday ventures I do semi-regularly are both frustrating and rewarding, so it’s nice to know that they’re engaging you, too.

Paolo (Okinawa Assault) on a scene from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind “Kate and Jim in bed together is some of the most intuitive, physical and subtle couple acting I've ever seen. And Kate's beauty isn't distracted by that ugly dyed hair. :)” link

Nick (Cinema Romantico) on a scene from Take Shelter “This was one of those moments I can vividly recall in the theater momentarily feeling like I couldn't breathe I was so overwhelmed by Shannon's acting.” link

I love those sort of responses. Blogging is about having conversations about film (or television) across the blogosphere.

Ryan (The Matinee) “When I saw the movie in theatres, I remember being none too fussed about the score. It seemed so overbearing, and heightening the melodrama of the whole film. But a few weeks later, I was working and someone in the office was listening to something pretty. I asked what they were listening to and was surprised when they said "Phillip Glass' HOURS soundtrack" .Long story short, separated from the film, I took to the music so much more.” discussing the goodness of Glass's score...link

Shane (Film Actually) “YES! I keep going back to his IMDb and every time I am shocked that he didn't get any awards nominations for his performance. I love this exact scene and line reading.” discussing Stephen Dillane's forgotten performance in The Hours ...link

Yes, I inadvertently did two bits on The Hours this month, and I like finding out things like those Ryan and Shane shared. I sometimes worry that everyone is so stolidly focused on their own blog that they miss the goodness going on elsewhere. It’s why I tend to lecture you when I publish collective links’ posts. I really do mean for you to go visit those blogs and reward the writers with some response. Movie love can’t happen in isolation. That’s also why sometimes I worry about what to write about. True, it’s crucial that one’s blog is one’s own but little hints on preference are much appreciated.

Other Significant Benchmarks in April
  • I had two bits of communal blogging activity towards the end of the month taking part in My FilmView's Best Actor Relay (here) and a re-launching of the Wet Blog-a-Thon from two years ago (here).
  • Talking about two of the finest shows on television at the moment - HBO's Shameless (here)and NBC's 30 Rock (here).
  • My lack of love for the latest movie trend of "updating" classic pieces to contemporary society in cinema (here).
  • The most sentient review I wrote for the month, on Tarsem Singh's Mirror Mirror (here).

Ben (Runs Like a Gay) “More silliness, please. Love posts with silliness in them.” That was in response to my confessing the inherent silliness in my Nurse Tribute. link It might just be a throwaway utterance on his, but I want more of this. Feedback.

So, consider this an opportunity to be part of a quasi-symposium. This is a opportunity for you to weigh in. Dear readers – What do you want from the blog? Anything you wish I’d branch off into? And, how did April treat you? Ready for May?

And, as always, thanks for reading. On to May...


Paolo said...

We make the best commenters in the blogosphere ever.

Ryan McNeil said...

My brain is a little mushy thanks to it being the halfway mark of a film festival - and one that I don't take time away from the office to attend - so I'll be brief.

I *really* like this idea for a monthly recap. It points people back to some great articles they might have missed, and does so by shining the spotlight on your readers. Further, you select the most active readers by choosing the ones who leave thoughtful comments.

I might have to borrow this idea in the future.

Nick Prigge said...

What do we want from the blog? We want the blog to be just the way it is.


Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

paolo but, who's *we*? that's the question.

ryan borrow, by all means. it dawns on me more and more that sometimes (inadvertently in some cases) blogging can get a bit insular and it's nice to let readers weigh in, and be remembered.

nick total cop-out of an answer.