Thursday, 31 May 2012

Don't Put a Tax on the Beautiful Links...

...ummm, preambles first. I feel as if I've been doing this too often in the last month, but I've been particularly injudiciously swamped with school work and work work this past week, hence the unpredictable output in the last 10 days. Regular (err, quasi "regular") output shall return directly, and I've got something interesting planned for maybe late next month, though, so there's that.

For now, links.

This week I'm shining the spotlight on a director as much as a film (as much as a post). George Cukor is one of my favourite directors, and I often feel he is not as revered as he ought to be considering the stellar films he helmed. 
Ryan (The Matinee) writes about his thoughts on seeing Cukor's A Star is Born . link He loves Judy, unsurprisingly.
Let me level with you, I do not like Up in the Air (if you've been reading this space since 2010, you'd remember) and the few times I've seen bits of it afterwards have only underscored that. Still, I love this look at a scene in it Yojimbo (Let's Not Talk About Movies) gives it. link For my own personal reasons, though. It's supposed to be Kendrick's showcase, but Vera so effortlessly steals it from her - Vera being the only facet of the film which truly works for me, until that woeful character assassination.

I probably will not see Men in Black 3 (do you need to have seen the second one to understand it even?), and I'm not sure the two Rosses (Ross v Ross), but they have a typically enjoyable not so arbitrary list - top 5 men in link And because there is no such thing as too many lists go read Norma Desmond (The Flick Chick) where she gives you five reasons why this summer feels like deja vu, movie wise. link And, since the best things come in threes here's Kelsey (Cheerful Cynicism) with a look at her five favourite romantic pairs in cinema. link She has both Schegel sisters there, so - of course I approve.

Sometimes we tend to forget that movie watching is a learning experience, but Joanna (For Cinephiles by a Cinefille) remembers. Cue one of her knowledge posts, 12 things she learned from Dirty Dancing link Go add a point, or two, and get her up to 50.

You guys know how I tend to get about my (sometimes imagined) movie offenses, and one that exists is the way that Gangs of New York has endured as something of an also-ran in Scorsese's cinematography. thevoid99 (Surrender to the Void) takes a look at the 2002 which, perhaps, got lost in the shuffle of all the excellent films of the year. link
Also, I don't understand Sandy Powell's loss of that Oscar, I love me some Colleen Atwood, but that was an offensive costume crime....which of course was "made up" when Sandy beat Colleen when she deserved it for Nine. Oh, awards'...(and my obsession with them).

Nick (Anomalous Material) has some typically humorous words for you. He challenges you to confess which type of movie-watcher you are using a scene from the excellent Beginners as a paradigm. link

And for closers, if you've been feeling as out-of-sorts creatively as I,The Kid (Kid in the Front Row) has some lovely advice for you. You'd be wise to follow his words link

Remember reading and community is a significant part of blogging, so, go read, y'all. Please and thank you.


Ryan McNeil said...

Hey - linkage! Thanks dude.

Interestingly enough, I've never been a huge fan of Judy, so in many ways this was "seeing what all the fuss is about"

Nick Prigge said...

Thanks for the link, my friend. Speaking of which, you never answered the question. Whether you were A, B, C, or D. Or E. Although I think I have a guess.

Joanna said...

Thanks for the link! I see your protest has (maybe) ended. :)

Yojimbo_5 said...

Thanks for the link, my friend. I think the term "character assassination" at the end is a little strong...and mistaken. Her character is a secret libertine, and is from the beginning. We just don't know it's a secret yet. Given that scene I used, she's a woman who likes a little excitement in her life, and it's not that she doesn't like attachments, it's that she doesn't NEED any more. And she's attracted to the Clooney character precisely for his aversion to them...which makes her life easier and nicely compartmentalized. I found her character logical and consistent (and damned likable, despite). Just because you had one impression of her at the beginning and the filmmakers took a nice dramatic turn with her does not make it character assassination--but nice story-telling (to me, anyway). Sucks to be Clooney, though.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

yojimbo thanks for calling me out on that because i was being facetious to some extent. to clarify, though, i'm more annoyed with the treatment of alex's reveal than the reveal itself. for the entire film ryan has existed as a male alex to some extent so even if the reveal comes it doesn't elicit much censure, but then the screenplay has him go through this change-of-heart and it structurally sets up the "truth" about alex as some grossly awful act that's responsible for making our protagonist unhappy and thus we must sympathise with him (and thus against her), and it just comes off as especially gauche for me.