Saturday, 7 April 2012

“Loved getting wet just now”: The Sequel

Two years ago the awesome Jose (Movies Kick Ass) tweeted the above after being caught in the rain, it spiralled into a blog-a-thon focusing on cinematic wetness, and I think it’s time to revisit the moisture.   
Think of all the pleasure you’ll get when you’re all wet.
That line is from the Ebb / Kander musical Steel Pier , and I’m not even being suggestive when I say that there are a LOT of pleasures to wetness on the screen. Water makes for excellent imager and beautiful shots. So, why not spend some time fêting those gorgeous moments of cinematic wetness?
Listen to the rain on the roof…
So, the blog-a-thon returns, and the rules are simple. Just choose a single scene from any film featuring the splendour that is cinematic rain and post a screen cap of your favourite portion. The rest is up to you – a sentence, a paragraph, an essay on why this moment of wetness sticks with you. Rain in the cinema and the ensuing wetness is used for so many reasons – to precipitate romance, to represent cleansing, to just be pretty.

I don’t care if I even get wet
Just post your article on your site on or before Sunday, April 29th and send me email (dangerous.liaison231(@) – remove parentheses) with the title “wet: blogathon”.

(Spread the word, and the banner.)
Wet is rain, rain is clean and new, new is the morning.

Are you read to get wet (again)?


Runs Like A Gay said...

You've got me thinking, now.

Got to come up with something original and insightful, and very very wet.

Paolo said...

So many puns. Also, I'll have to expand my movie watching methods for this. Bring on the showers!

Vinny said...

What a novel idea. I'd love to participate! We also have a blogathon going on at our site on Thomas McCarthy's movies if you're interested.

Shala said...

I will definitely take part!

ruth said...

Great idea Andrew! I took part last year so I'll think of something for this one. I LOVE rainy scenes! :D