Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Links Heal Everything

Don't they? So, links ahead.

I somewhat coerced Jose (Movies Kick Ass) into submitting his Oscar ballot for the top 6 categories and he ended up with a fine list culminating in his top 10 films. link We have two top 10 films in common, although had I seen his number 1 earlier it would have been there. What do you think of his picks?

Paolo (Okinawa Assault) admits that even though he liked We Need to Talk About Kevin, somewhat, he'd probably never look at it again. link And, I sort of get what he's saying. Sure, it has a fantastic turn from Ezra Miller and a great one from Tilda Swinton and it's not so much the subject manner as it is Ramsay's focus on inundating the film with as much overzealous imagery as possible. And, still, I'd say it's a good movie.

It's not just because I've seen so few films of 2012, but I'm legitimately excited for everyone around here to see Terence Davies The Deep Blue Sea so I can get some perspective. Anna (Defiant Success) is a fan of it and Weisz's lovely performance. link Tim (Antagony and the Ecstasy) is also a lover of Davie's style and Weisz's luminosity. link Go see it, people.

2007 is still, probably, my favourite cinematic year of the new decade and The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford  is one of the year's finest (with what is probably maybe my favourite Brad Pitt performance). CS isn't completely unenthusiastic about it, but he's not completely enthusiastic either. link

I have not officially submitted a list of 2012 films I am looking forward to, but you know me enough to know that Joe Wright's Anna Karenina is on it. Obviously. But, it's not like I'm hard up for good work from Wright he only last year added the frenetically enjoyable Hanna to his oeuvre. Nick (Cinematic Romantico) agrees that it's something of a trip, he likes it anyway. link

James Bond is a movie phenom that's evaded me somewhat. The only reason I'm particularly intrigued by Skyfall later this year is because of Sam Mendes, an opinion that might qualify as a hate-crime in some circles. Ruth (FlixChatter) a big fan of Bond, though and she's already thinking of who could be the next bond. link The first two names that come to me are probably both too well-known, but wouldn't it be nice to throw Ewan McGregor or Jude Law (especially Jude Law) in the mix? Of the options Ruth offers I endorse Nikolaj.

On some level awards, especially television awards, sadden me. For example, you know who's probably not going to be remembered in July when the Emmy's come around? The fantastic Mary Beth Peil who is doing fantastic work as Jackie Florrick on The Good Wife. Regardless, here's a great interview of Peil discussing her character. link I will admit that one of the series' few faults is telegraphing Jackie's "evilness" too obviously, especially when she has some fascinating (positive) traits. But, it's the nature of the beast.

You people like Pixar, don't you? Alas I am not an unbridled fan, but Amir (Amiresque) is and has thought up a lovely way to celebrate the studio. link Considering how many of you have massive for Pixar films you should head over and volunteer your services...

... and on that note of volunteerism kindly remember that I'm hosting the Wet Blog-a-Thon on Sunday. link Just concoct a piece on a significant cinematic moment of rain. You know you want to.
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Paolo said...

Thanks for the link. Although I would clarify that I would watch the first five and last five minutes of the movie. The rest, eek.

ruth said...

Hey thanks so much for the link love, always appreciated!

Oh I like both Ewan and Jude, though like you said, both are too famous now. Glad you agree w/ Nikolaj, he's kind of an off-the-beaten-path choice but I think he'd be great as 007.