Sunday, 18 March 2012

TV Week in Non-Review: 11th-15th February

I actually had an actual essay to discuss issues on both Shameless and The Good Wife - but both were more season long ruminations, than episode specific so I’ll get to them in time. So, I settled on particularly short musings on the last week in TV. I’m rather certain no one is particularly antsy to read them, but it’s part of my insistence on logging all that I watch, or trying to at the very least.

Ramblings ahead.

Shameless; “Hurricane Monica” – Season 2, Episode 9 [B+]
Disturbing on some levels (Monica’s return, Jody and Sheila), terribly sad on others (everything with Lip) but still managing that comedic lilt that makes me appreciate it so and a brilliant set-up for how the final three episodes will play out.

The Good Wife: “Long Way Home” – Season 3, Episode 17 [B+]
A bit inorganic in the way Caitlin leaves, but a satisfying episode nonetheless with much needed development of some arcs which need development with some excellent character building moment for Alicia and Cary. Also, good use of Peter – something the season has been lacking.

Smash; “Chemistry” – Season 1, Episode 6 [C+]
At this point the writers seem intent on making me despise each character individually and without any riveting musical numbers this week the forced storyline didn’t work for the overall narrative – but I’m looking forward to Bernadette. Obviously.

Cougar Town; “A One Story Town” – Season 3, Episode 5 [B/B+]
In theory, I appreciated the blend of zany humour with pathos and sweetness but it didn’t work as well as I’d have hoped despite bits of awesomeness like the acapella singing group, Jules and Ellie’s machinations and the end gag.

Modern Family; “Send out the Clowns” – Season 3, Episode 18 [C/C-]
Yet another string of episodes that don’t work for me – from Phil’s work crisis which seems rather incongruous to the narrative to Claire’s facebook issues and Manny’s issues; moreover the A-storyline of Cam’s clown history is the same in a long line of situations where Cam and Mitchell’s relationship come off as being on the wrong side of indifferent.

Community: “Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts” – Season 3, Episode 11 [B+]
An excellent comeback for a show I flip-flop in liking. When did Britta becomes so interesting? When did Shirley return to season 1 levels of greatness, when did they stop trying to shoehorn in spoofs and pop-culture nods? Just a wonderfully funny return. More of this.

30 Rock: “St. Patrick's Day” – Season 6, Episode 12 [B]
It doesn’t stand alongside the season’s best, but there are more than a few laughs to extrapolate from it. True, both the Jenna/Tracey and Jack storylines took too long to truly find the hilarity, and true Liz’s storyline felt overly long but ultimately good prevails.

The Office: “Get the Girl” – Season 8, Episode 18 [B/B+]
The best use of Nellie yet (and that’s saying something), a brilliant chance for Jim’s greatness to shine through and a final settling of the Andy/Erin business makes for a wholly satisfying 20 minute comedic romp.

Grey’s Anatomy: “One Step Too Far” – Season 8, Episode 17 [B]
Still sweetly easy as it tends to be as of late, and I’m grateful for that. Debbie Allen’s charm is still worth entrance price, and the main issues like Meredith’s error or Cristina’s trouble are handled as sensitively as I could hope.

Standout Performers
Emmy Rossum in Shameless B+
Julianna Margulies in The Good Wife B+
Tina Fey in 30 Rock B+
William H. Macy in Shameless B+
Gilliam Jacobs in Community B+

How is Smash developing for you? What do you make of Cary’s confession? Happy about Community and its return? What did you watch this week? 


Jose SolĂ­s said...

I'm just waiting for your signal so we can both quit "Smash", what a load of shit it turned out to be. Too bad considering how well Debra Messing was doing in it.

Paolo said...

Thank God I'm working during Smash. Also I haven't been a big fan of how cartoony/comic book-y/graphic novel-y/you get the point-y Community has gotten. It was quirky and loveable enough as it was.