Thursday, 1 March 2012

Query: Blog Housekeeping

If you have a google blog, you would have noticed the tinkering they've been doing with their layouts, with their comment section in particular. They've now got threaded comments (something people are apparently quite fond of, but which I'm not that enthused about). That in itself is insignificant, but with the advent of threaded comments apparently those blogs which don't have their comments embedded below the post (as opposed to the pop-up window, or a full-page comment section) won't allow for visitors to subscribe to comments.
I don't subscribe to comments, I know which bloggers tends to reply to questions ask and I'll return to their blogs intermittently, but I know subscribing is a good way of keeping track of where you commented & etc. I'm bringing this up simply because this blog doesn't exist in my consciousness alone, do you readers depend on comment subscription? If so I'll switch to the embedded comment format, which admittedly looks a bit weird to me (for my own idiosyncratic reasons), otherwise I'll stick to the current way
Descended from soapbox, continue as you were.

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Amir said...

The comments section on my blog is embedded (it shows at the bottom of the post, not on a separate page).
But as for what I do myself, I do it like yours. When I ask a question, or when I'm interested in following up on a conversation, I always remember to check back without subscribing. And there's a list of about 5-10 blogs (like yours) that I keep going back to all the time anyway.