Friday, 2 March 2012

Closing the Book on 2011 (Sort of): 5 reviews

Reviews overdue, some since last year. I rock. Tweet length musings ahead.

(Meanwhile, I continue wrapping up 2011 as run through my year-end awards.)

Bonus points for being riveting to watch and directed with aplomb. The cast varies from great to credible. Fascinating if a bit dry.

Griff the Invisible
Occasionally confuses bizarreness with innovation, but sweetly acted and a brilliant concept at its centre, if somewhat flaccidly developed. Fun.

Kung Fu Panda 2
Like most sequels of its type it reeks of being unnecessary. Good-natured and generally pleasant, but it overstays its welcome.

Margin Call
Succeeds more in theory than in reality, but the cast mostly saves it even if the payoff seems forced. Interesting to watch.

My Week with Marilyn
Suffers from a potent lack of focus. Branagh delivers, Williams’ is a trooper in part, Dench is reliable. All else seems limp
Have you seen any of these, thoughts?


Ryan T. said...

Limp my ass! Wait, I should rephrase that. LOL.

Though I do agree on you with Margin Call.

ruth said...

I was hoping you'd have a full review of Coriolanus, Andrew. Glad to hear the acting is good all around.

I like Margin Call, and I think it merits the Best Original Screenplay nomination, too. Still need to see 'My Week with Marilyn' but will wait for rental.

Chip Lary said...

I've done reviews for Kung Fu Panda 2 and Margin Call at my site. I consider both to be quite good, especially Margin Call.

I saw My Week with Marilyn, but didn't feel it was good enough to recommend to others. Both Williams and Branagh did very good jobs, but the overall movie itself was lacking and felt like a really obvious wish fulfillment story.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

ryan i thought of you while writing that, and the snippet review is a bit disingenuous in the slightest because at a c+ it means i did like it, but in parts. it's just so much of a trifle? shrugs, but michelle has moments of perfection (sadly, too few for me to love her in it). but kenneth is just divine! and i get what chip says about the wish fulfillment thing. colin just seemed a bit silly. and can someone please explain to me what julia ormond was trying to do? yikes.

ruth coriolanus is very excellently made, although (and i think it's a source issue) it's a bit stand-offish. a stellar directorial debut, and the performances are universally sound. ralph is excellent, in particular.


Paolo said...

My Week With Marilyn probably has the worst editing I've seen in a movie. Light bulbs galore. Gross.

Otherwise, Coriolanus is one of the 2011 movies still in theatres and will probably one of the last legs of closing the book on 2011. I hate being poor.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

paolo umm, yes, those lights. what was up with that? the entire film looked so synthetic, pretty as it was i couldn't even cite its production design or costumes because it all came off as so weird to me.

(also, see coriolanus you'll have a field day writing missive, and i shall have a field day reading them! also, jessica chastain - we must see her every move, if only for completion sake.)

Paolo said...

I love how my Twitter timeline have conversations about big time actresses like Diane Keaton, Annette Bening and Julianne Moore and I can't chime in because I haven't seen all of their stuff yet. But me completing Chastain is almost there. She's an instant classic just because of how vigorous her ubiquity is.