Saturday, 4 February 2012

A Tough Link to Follow...

So, links are here again. Look, it's February already. I mean, geez, January just sort of flew by, and I've just began my recap of 2011 in film (Openings, Forgotten Characters). But, this is not a post about me, it's a post about you. Links ahead, but before I do. Go actually read these articles, people. Blogging is not hard news, so a few days, or a few weeks between the publication date and the time you read an article does not dilute its worth. Blogging is a community, go, read, talk.

Okay, links.

My favourite post of the past two weeks is one from Tim (Antagony and Ecstasy), one of the most analytical minds in the movie blogsphere. He offers the nominees and winners for "The Antagonists", his year end awards, and agree or disagree (and why disagree, his choices are fabulous) his explanations for loving them are excellent. I love the bits he writes on Hugo and Juliette Binoche in particular. link And, yes, I am taking any chance to plug a picture of Juliette looking fabulous.

Dave (Victim of the Time) takes a look at the nominees for Original Score, but it's not a post about predicting the Oscars. He offers some insight into the heavy nostalgia evident in the music nominated by the Academy (and, by virtue, the films). It's a fine piece of writing, although I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum with some of his thoughts. link

When I don't like a film, I tend to expunge it from my mind and not talk about it ever again. Why exacerbate the wound? And, I don't like pitting film against film. Still, this writeup on The Descendants where The Pretentious Know it All (The Pretentious Know it All) offers his reasons for his dislike of the film in comparison to other films this year is a fine piece of writing. link

It's only fair, then, that I include Nick (Cinema Romantico) and his thoughts on The Descendants, which he happened to love. And, I like that he's defending his choices, if film doesn't elicit passion in your what's the point, right? And, it's another finely written piece on a film I'm somewhat apathetic to (sadly). link

Now, Voyager is maybe-maybe-not my favourite Bette Davis performance. I know, anarchy etc. Anyhow, Joana (For Cinephilles by a Cinefille) takes us through eight reasons why the film is important. They're all hilarious. link

Cinema is a visual medium, yes, yes - I know. But, how can one resist actors with smooth voices? You can't. Ruth (FlixChatter) lists her top ten current cinematic ladies with fine voices. It's a fine list, even though I'd love to see Nicole Kidman there (always the hours....) but it's hard to argue with the ten she has there. link

You know what's a great film? Beginners. That'll feature prominently when I continue in 2011 in recap, but for now turn to Amir (Amiresque) and his thoughts on the woefully underrated performer that is Ewan McGregor. What does the guy need to do to get some significant love, people? link

I have said it elsewhere, but my very favourite thing about Drive is Carey Mulligan's performance. So, I love that Jose (Movies Kick Ass) who loves it, calls her performance beautifully understated. I agree. I don't love it as much as he, I like it, though. And his review is great, as usual. link And, this one's an oldie but I love what Paolo (Okinawa Assault Incident) said about Drive. Actually, I like it so I don't quite like what he says, but I like how he says it. It's an old post, but still worth your time. link

And since I mention loving Carey, I must mention loving Keira too (hey, they're the Bennett sisters people, only waiting for Rosamund, at least to catch up. She needs more roles, y'all, as I've said before.) A Dangerous Method is such an interesting film to consider, I flipflopped between a B and B-, but it's a good film either way. Yojimbo (Let's Not Talk About Movies) and Paolo both mention Keira in their thoughts. As it should be. Yojimbo's link, Paolo's link.

Bad confession, I forget how good CS (Big Thoughts From a Small Mind) is with his reviews, and this one on Black Narcissus (Deborah Kerr wins at life people, don't argue) reminds me. I haven't seen Black Narcissus in a while, and I'm bit tetchy on religious dramas to some extent (although I remember this one being much more savvy about it, and Deborah Kerr people!) His review makes me interested in a rewatch...when Oscar season wraps up. link

And, to close on an unfortunately sad note. Toby (blah blah blah gay) is saying goodbye to blogging, which is a shame because I only recently discovered his blog. In this final (?) post he offers some interesting thought on the reason for blogging, and the appreciation of cinema generally. And, while it was occurring I found 2011 to be a bit underwhelming, but as I get though my year end awards I realise that I had some great things to hold on to. It's sad, I think, when cinema loses its lustre. link
What have you been reading over the past few weeks?


CS said...

Thanks for the linkage, Andrew! You gotta see Black Narcissus! It is not a preachy film by any mean but it is a film that needs to be experienced.

Hoping to catch Certified Copy this week, noticed it was on Netflix here.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

cs i'm excited when ANYONE writes anything on certified copy, so i shall be looking forward to that one.