Sunday, 19 February 2012

Randomness: Helen McCrory

It's been a while since I've rambled on an arbitrary issue...
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was the first time I took notice of Helen McCrory. Not on purpose, mind you. I’m a massive fan of all things Harry Potter (although, curiously, I’d admit that I’m not a big fan of some of the film instalments). I remember specifically seeing her in the film and thinking – “This? This is our Narcissa? Was Kristin Scott Thomas incapacitated?” I still stand by the feeling that Helen was massively miscast in the role, even though I’ll admit that she sells her final moments in the series. Then, I realised that I HAD seen McCrory before at work as Tony Blair’s wife in The Queen (a role she reprised for the HBO film The Special Relationship)… and, I thought, “Hmm, she seems okay.” Then, two significant things happened.

First, whilst trolling youtube (don’t judge me) I happened on video of a Harry Potter press event with the cast.
At first, I couldn’t recognise the woman and I realised that it was McRory (2:30-2:44). THEN, and this much more noteworthy, I see Hugo. The film’s cast is not getting trumpeted enough and Helen is so easily the MVP. While searching IMDB for Hugo information I happened upon the photo above? Where is it from? What is she smirking at? Is it a movie? An awards’ show? Isn’t she adorable?

And, now, I feel a bit badly. Yes, I still think her Narcissa is generally wrong but I’m reticently excited to see what shall become of her now. Has she peaked with Hugo? Will she move on to better things? Will the love for her husband, Damian Lewis and his soon to be Emmy nominated work on Homeland lead her to greener pastures? (Yes, she is married to Damian Lewis, the lady's got game - although she seems too lovely for him.) I don't know why, but I'm excited for her career to take off...assuming that it has not already. She seems like such an affable woman. More of her, please.

Have you ever suddenly became interested in actor this way? Am I late to the Helen McCrory party?


Walter L. Hollmann said...

Wait, where were you in 2006 when she was Cherie Blair in The Queen? That was where I met her, and I always follow her with interest. Yes, she *is* the MVP of Hugo, and I'm glad more people are realizing this!

As for Narcissa, her casting was a favor, since her pregnancy prevented her from taking her original role....BELLATRIX LESTRANGE.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

walter honest to god, i'm apt to forget most things about the queen, all i remember is helen, a deer, tony blair. zip, else. should i revisit it? and, good grief, NO ONE should be bellatrix except helena, but i WOULD be curious to see that. she's just so delightful. (and i forgot to mention, she's the voice of mrs. bean in the fantastic mr. fox which makes me like her even more.

Chip Lary said...

I also looked her up after seeing Hugo because I couldn't figure out why she looked familiar. I kicked myself when I saw she was in the Harry Potter movies because I had just reviewed them all about a month prior.

I also read the same thing Walter L. Hollman did - that she was originally going to play Bellatrix.