Monday, 20 February 2012

Music Break [...with Velma Kelly and Roxie Hart]

I know a few take umbrage to Zellweger's less than perfect dance ability, but in the grander scheme of things it hardly bothers - Chicago is such a delight, either way. I remember Rob Marshall defending his choice by saying he wanted someone as different from Catherine as possible, and it makes the final number work for me, with the palpable difference between Velma and Roxie.

The original always does have that pull, though. Gwen Verdon (playing Roxie) is 50 here, I believe but she and Chita (who has a cameo in Chicago) pull it off. Stunningly. The quality is sketchy, the talent is not.

Then, there's this version with Bebe Neuwirth and Karen Ziemba from a Broadway Concert, which is excellent, too.

This version is simply the dance sequence, but I love Ruthie Henshall (the brunette, playing Roxie). This is footage of her and Ute Lemper in the London production.

I hope you all like the life you're living....

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