Monday, 13 February 2012

Music Break [...with Ruthie Henshall and Madonna]

...with some help from Stephen Sondheim.
I love Dick Tracy, people. Give or take Spiderman 2, I think it's the finest superhero movie. It's fun, it's grandiose, it's well acted and its music is topnotch with an Oscar winning song from Stephen Sondheim, no less. Still, as much as I love "Sooner Or Later...(...I Always Get My Man)" the highlight in the Dick Tracy score is so obviously "More", which Madonna just excels with. Alas, I could find no videos of her singing the song - so here goes with the music video.

I don't mind not getting a Madonna live version, though, when I've got the marvellous Ruthie Henshall (the best Fantine people) singing it in a Sondheim revue "Putting it Together". Ruthie Henshall is ridiculously adorable (and she looks like Madeleine Stowe, while still reminding me of Satine in some weird way). 
Her facial expression are just ace, too.
More! More! More!
As you were.

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