Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Cinematography Game: Oscar Edition

The return of the cinematography game (previously). It's simple really, above are shots of ten Oscar winners ranging from the thirties all the way to this decade. Each film won at least one Oscar, and their listed in alphabetical order with deliberately vague shots (with no discernible people). How many of the ten can you guess? Here's a tip, more than half of them won Best Picture, and eight of them won an acting honour. Here's another tip, two of the film covered in the last edition, are here again.
Go, guess in the comments.


Fritz said...

My guesses:

All about Eve
Annie Hall
The Apartment
The Aviator
Mystic River
The English Patient
no idea
It happened one NIght
the King's Speech
Lawrence of Arabia

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

fritz well done. one of them is wrong, i won't tell you which, yet.

Ryan T. said...

5. Cold Mountain?
7. Howards End

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

ryan, fritz thanks for the guesses. collectively, you all got 9 correctly, except for #5 which is NOT mystic river (although it does have two of the stars from that involved, how curious is that?) - it's dead man walking