Saturday, 21 January 2012

Live, Laugh, Link

Amidst all the Oscar hubbub Tim (Antagony & Ecstasy) is taking a look back through the years at Tyler Perry's filmography. It's a strange choice, ostensibly, but his essay on Diary of a Man Black Woman is a good read.

Joey (The Awards Circuit) discusses some Oscar surprises that could happen come Tuesday.

Stevee (Cinematic Paradox) raises some interesting points in her article on The Oscars. Only last week I wrote by own Oscar post in defense of the AMPAS (here), and I do think that the fact that lovers of a particular film are more vocal than its past Oscar competition means that it's failed to endure...but these are all points to chew on.

CS (Big Thoughts From a Small Mind) does the unthinkable and pits the two lovely ladies from The English Patient against each other. I refuse to choose between Kristin Scott Thomas and Juliette Binoche, what say you?
Luke (Journalistic Skepticism) invites you bloggers to take part in his second annual Film Bloggers' Choice Awards. Voting in a poll is NOT difficult people, head over there before Tuesday. On the topic of polls, time to vote for the LAMB Casting picks for Taxi Driver. Get thee there (here) and vote.
Finally, Nick (Cinema Romantico, Anomalous Material) invited me and a few others for a roundtable discussing 2011 in film. It amounted to a very lengthy piece, but some interesting talking points come up (Midnight in Paris and its end, Albert Brooks and Drive, the art of "good" direction).
What say you? Read anything good lately?

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Nick Prigge said...

It DID amount to a lengthy piece. As I told Castor, I sort of the broke the blogging code with that project.

It was kind of selfish on my part, really, because I just wanted to talk film with a few people whose writing I love. Whether anyone reads the whole thing or not, I'm just so happy it exists.