Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Incoherent Oscar: Supporting Actor

I'm back from an unintentional break from blogging, but more specifically Oscar prognosticating. So, here I go with random guessing on AMPAS and their nominees...or considering my odd choices, Oscar guessing on crack. Be warned.
Really, I'm feeling more than a blasé about the entire Oscar scenario at the moment, which is unfortunate since I'm penning a column about the Oscars' and two because I'll always have my coattails tied to the AMPAS and their machinations in some way, even if I'm not as besotted as  I used to be, even if I think that they're being given an unfairly bad rep. More in due, time. The Supporting Actor race right now is looking both simple and difficult to predict. It would seem that Christopher Plummer shall sail through to an Oscar win, which would be lovely, but it's becoming more and more a headscratcher thinking who will join him and even though there is a likely group of men, I have a a feeling that this could be the category where the surprises turn up.
MY GUESS: Kenneth Branagh in My Week with Marilyn; Albert Brooks in Drive; Jonah Hill in Moneyball; Viggo Mortensen in A Dangerous Method; Christopher Plummer in Beginners

THEN AGAIN, PERHAPS: Nick Nolte in Warrior; Philip Seymour Hoffman in The Ides of March; Brad Pitt in The Tree of Life; Armie Hammer in J. Edgar

MORE POSSIBILITIES: Max von Sydow in Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close; Patton Oswalt in Young Adult; Ben Kingsley in Hugo

Okay hear me out...or don't - your call really - but I'm not really assured of Nick Nolte's Oscar chances. But then, I'm the one who doubted Natalie Portman's chances of easily winning that Oscar, and we all remember how that turned out. It's just that not only did Warrior open with little fanfare (and forgotten with even less) we already have not one, not two, but three actors who shall be plausibly nominated as "career" laurels (Plummer, Brooks and Branagh - the latter two haven't been nominated for acting since the late 80s). Nolte does not seem that assured to me, despite citations elsewhere and looking at the bigger picture one must admit that Hill at least seems like a stronger bet than he. And, Mortense, my WTF pick perhaps? I don't know, I just have a feeling this category will offer some weirdness...but maybe I'm overthinking it.
Do you find my predictions ridiculous? Are Branagh, Brooks and Plummer definitely headed to nominations?


Walter L. Hollmann said...

I actually think these are the most sound predictions for the category I've read. I can maybe see Nolte instead of Hill, but I also have a feeling Mortensen *just* squeezes in.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

walter oh, you're too kind. we shall see what happens, i'm just thinking mortensen makes it for some reason...