Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Incoherent Oscar: Makeup and Screenplays

Well, lookie here it’s just a few days until voting closes for the Academy Awards and then we’ll have to start this all over again. In the interim, rambling discussion on potential nominees…

Take everything with a grain of salt, then add a cup more…


Like the visual effects category the makeup category makes things easier for us by listing a shortlist of contenders to the race. I’m pleased that the cake batter of J. Edgar doesn’t make it on to the shortlist, but other than that I’ve really little to say of this category which is not so much a head scratcher as rather bland. Essentially, I don’t get the award. It should in theory be hair and makeup, but it seems like the nominees or the shortlisted films never pay much emphasis on the hair, and the make-up is almost always for making X person look more like Y person and never for making people pretty – which REQUIRES MAKEUP too. But, whatever.

MY GUESS: Albert Nobbs; Anonymous; The Iron Lady

THEN AGAIN, PERHAPS: Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life; The Artist


Am I confident of these choices? Can you ever confident of shooting fish in a barrel aka Oscar predictions? No. The thing is, I could make a case for any of the seven films shortlisted. Both Albert Nobbs and The Iron Lady feature significant work on an Actor likely heading for a Best Actress nod and it would seem the makeup branch appreciates *transformations* and then Anonymous is a renaissance period piece with significant work for Redgrave as Queen Elizabeth, and just in case they remember that it’s hair and makeup.

The makeup voters don’t seem slaves to high-profile films, thus Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life which from what I’ve seen employs fine work, would not be an oddball nominee. And if The Artist really is the frontrunner everyone thinks it is then it could get it in for pretty makeup, it worked for Shakespeare in Love (but then, Shakespeare in Love was a renaissance based period piece a la Anonymous). And, Harry Potter could conceivably make an appearance, as could Hugo especially if the AMPAS fall in love with it.

MY GUESS: The Descendants; The Help; Hugo; The Ides of March; Moneyball

THEN AGAIN, PERHAPS: Girl with the Dragon Tatoo; Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy; Drive

MORE POSSIBILITIES: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close; Albert Nobbs; War Horse

I don’t know what to make of the WGA and their apparent lack of love for The Ides of March, but I really won’t make too much of it because I do think that that necessarily jeopardises its chances at an Oscar nomination. It’s because even if love for Girl with the Dragon Tattoo seems to be on an upsurge I’m moved to place more plausibility between The Ides of March getting appreciated here than that, so call it my no-guts-no-glory prediction. Now, I was tempted to leave The Help off my ballot but as I said I don’t think Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is assured a nomination here and although both Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and Drive are potential here, the emphasis is on *potential*.

Otherwise, I suppose that the trio of The Descendants; Hugo and Moneyball are assured of their places.

MY GUESS: The Artist; Bridesmaids; Midnight in Paris; Take Shelter; Young Adult

THEN AGAIN, PERHAPS: Win Win; 50/50; A Separation

MORE POSSIBILITIES: Rango; The Tree of Life; Beginners; Martha Marcy May Marlene

The original screenplay discussion is much more volatile because there’s only one Best Picture certainty in the race, and after we’ve struck off one spot and reserved it for The artist where does that leave us? Well, then, we add Woody Allen because it seems that Midnight in Paris IS his comeback, to the Oscars’ at the very least. Then, what? A Guessing game, I say. Structurally, I would not be pleased with a nod for Bridesmaids, but that doesn’t matter. It is at the very least a significant threat, but everything seems like a significant threat. For example, Win Win has showing up being nominated here and there as has 50/50 and both films earned nods from the WGA. But then, a number of key contenders weren’t eligible for the WGA so where does that leave us?

I don’t know where it leaves you, but it leaves me with Cody who I think will end up here regardless of whether Charlize turns up in the actress race, and I include potential vote stealer Take Shelter because despite not having seen it – yet – it seems poised to become a potential spoiler in this very unpredictable Oscar season. Will I be proven wrong? Likely.
What do you think? Is Ides in? Is 50/50 out? Harry Potter for makeup? Who the hell knows, right?


Nick Prigge said...

My favorites generally never even get nominated in the writing categories, though I did like the writing on The Descendants and while I thought Diablo Cody had some issues with Young Adult I really admired her go-for-brokeness(?). I'm rooting for them.

Although, I think the real drama is whether the Academy wants to recognize Woody one last time or let Wiig & Mumolo give a speech.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

nick i'm rooting for young adult to make it in, too. not certain if i think it's diablo's best, but it's certainly her most...orderly, if that's the right word.