Friday, 6 January 2012

All I Wanna Do is Make Link to You

My favourite post this week is this supremely written article from Guy Lodge (In Contention) and the role that backlash plays in the awards' race. I mean to, or meant to, write  an article on something vaguely similar. In case I do not, he raises some excellent points...even if you're not into the Oscars'.
I promised myself that I wouldn't link to any year in review posts. I lied. First, I just love what Tim (Antagony & Ecstasy) does with his recap of 2011. His top ten is lovely, his writeups for each title are excellent....and Winnie the Pooh. YAY. Also, Yojimbo (Let's Not Talk About Movies) recounts his 2011 in film, he doesn't do a top ten list but he does write a great post on what he liked last year. It's good stuff, go, read, discuss.

And, what did we learn from the movies in 2011? Stevee (Cinematic Paradox) lists the ten things she did. All sage dissertations. And, I'm not quite sure if we can say this is what Candice (Reel Talk) learned, but here's what she hopes stays in 2011 and doesn't spill over to the 2012 movie world.

Joe (Low Resolution) is really not a fan of Albert Nobbs. I can't remember the last time disliking a film made for such humour.

And, to close on a very high point - Nick Davis (Nick's Flick Picks) is working on a new project centred on Best Actresses (what else).

AND The Kid in the Front Row has a competition for filmmakers. You should definitely go check that out.


Sam Fragoso said...

Some good stuff here. Keep up the great work Andrew.

Stevee Taylor said...

Thanks for the link!