Saturday, 31 December 2011

Long Overdue 99 Cent Word Review: Warrior Muppets

It’s not so much a time issue as much as it is a laziness issue. I can’t be as brilliant as Tim who delivers an extensive review of each film he sees, I’m just too lazy. And, sometimes even films which are not necessarily bad don’t elicit any sort of cerebral response from me – I can’t toss out five paragraphs, but I can toss out 99 words.

The Muppets: directed by James Bobin; Bwritten by Jason Segel and Nicholas Stoller
It is the nail in the coffin convincing me that, perhaps, the appreciation for this one is ultimately zeitgeist in some way and I just missed the train for it since I remain uninvited in it throughout. It’s too easy to watch to be either displeasing or offensive but it’s not interesting enough to a non-believer like me to be truly touching. The comedic hooks are presented with too much laziness to be invigorating and for all the winks at the audience; it doesn’t deliver as a humorous piece of whimsy either. The music is more than passable, though.

Warrior: directed by Gavin O'Connor; written by Gavin O'Connor, Cliff Dorfman and Anthony Tambakis
It’s done in by some of the most bizarre photography choices of the year in cinema, and is not boosted by a script that is fair but almost always unexceptional - especially where it counts most. The direction delivers on occasion, but really it’s down to the actors who all try hard. Still, Hardy sometimes comes off as unnecessarily dour, Nolte comes off as unnecessarily hammily. Morrison tries but she sometimes comes off as unnecessary. But, Edgerton is perfection. Sure, it is stodgily manipulative, and thematically creaky but it’s ultimate payoff works in spite of itself. Most of the time.

Any snap responses to my judgements on Warrior and the The Muppets? I might talk about both some more when I wrap up the year in a month or so.


Ryan T. said...

I liked both films significantly more than you did, but I definitely understand your review. For WARRIOR I feel I saw it at just the right time when I was in the right mood. But I think no matter when I saw it, Edgerton's performance would still be perfection as you say. :-) said...

Did you watch the orignal Muppets series as a child? I think alot of the nods to the audience were for long term fans. Also I brought my 3 year-old to see the film when I reviewed it so that might have caused me to enjoy it more. I enjoyed checking out your blog.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

ryan edgertonites unite!

threeguys1movie i did not. i saw the movie with my nephew, though, and he loved it so that made me happy. i'm sure, though, if they made the same movie with, say, the sesame street monsters i'd be on board. it's all about that connection.

Paolo said...

I liked it more too even though I was more of a Sesame kid than a Muppets kid too but Miss Piggy and Kermit bled in. That said, the first song was amazing but the spotty performances distracted more from the happy tone than the writing.