Wednesday, 7 December 2011

I Am What I Link

I have not linked in a while (alas), so forgive me if my favourite post is two weeks old but I cannot allow you to miss this excellent list on issues surrounding Catwoman which Craig (dark eye socket) points out. Sure, everyone agrees that the film is not very good but his points are excellent. Go read!
I love this chat that CS (Big Thoughts From a Small Mind) has with his wife on The Help. I've settled on a solid B- grade for the charming, if splotchy ensemble drama but they both raise some good points about it.

Remember Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison? Unless you're a classic film enthusiast I wager that you might not but Nick (Cinema Romantico) - always handy for good prose - gives it a nice writeup.

Ryan (The Matinee) not this Ryan or that Ryan discusses the awesomeness of Clueless with Stevee (Cinematic Paradox) who has surprisingly never seen it before. But, don't lambaste Stevee she did love Beginners which is more than I can say for Jose (his review) who just loves toying with my emotions and being critical of films I adore *yes, I adored this film* but preventing me from getting annoyed by remaining quotable (the last line of his review will go down in the annals of great critiquing lines of 2011).

Glenn (Stale Popcorn) only the best Australian blogger submits a strangely insightful read on gay themes in Happy Feet 2. I've get to see the film, but I'm curious to see it now.

And, it's Christmas so I'll curmudgeonly link to this review of Home Alone from Wayne (Man, I Love Films). Who am I kidding? There's no duress here, Home Alone is amazing!
Go read folks, any great posts you've read this past week? Don't be afraid to link in the comments.


Nick Prigge said...

Thank you for the link, my friend.

Beginners is next up in my Netflix queue. Man, I need to see it. I'm getting antsy.

Paolo said...

I'm admittedly a) an Uncle Tom and b) not the best person at subtext but Will and Bill aren't gay. If anything there's something masculine and heterosexual about Will's adventurous streak (maybe I'm thinking about Pitt's voice work too) although of course, I'm not saying one quality equates the other.

Stevee Taylor said...

Thanks for the link, times two. Blame my Dad and his DVD store for me not seeing Clueless until now. I'm glad I have watched it, though!

CS said...

Thanks for the link love, Andrew. I agree with the B- rating for The Help. I was leaning towards a C+ but the performances bumped it up to B-.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Hey Andrew! Just checking the list of participants in the Insecure Writer's Support Group. We post next on January 4 - hope you can join us.