Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Conversations with Ryan: Reaction to the SAGs

So, it's been almost twelve hours since the Screen Actors' Guild announced their nominations, so they've been able to sink in. How are we feeling about them? The always entertaining Ryan (of Sorta that Boy) launch into a random discussions on the general field and what we liked most.

Andrew: I am here. Let's talk about the good stuff like the awards' races.

Ryan: Jesus. The "good stuff" you mean unlike today's SAG nominations?

Andrew: Okay, see in my head I’m saying the good stuff and in reality I'm still thinking...meh on the most of the nominations. But, really, I'm not pissed at them. It could have been worse.

Ryan: Okay, the more I think about it the film nominations at least were fine. Just conservative. It's those TV ones that just seemed so tone deaf and lazy.

Andrew: My snap judgements on the nominees were less WTF and more, really? You again?

Ryan: Precisely. And it's like the voters didn't watch any TV the past 12 months or so. Like they were filling out their ballots for 2010 or even 2009. Lazy.

Andrew: Okay, come on. Happy thoughts. What was the name or citation, on the ballet which made you squeal most with delight

Ryan: Sadly it was probably Kate Winslet's nomination. The film nominations weren't shocking and the TV noms were expected/boring/awful.

Andrew: Indeed, yay for Kate. I hope she wins and acts as delighted as she always is when she wins things. I love when actors are happy about winning. When everyone is so blase it just seems so pretentious.

Ryan: I know! It's the best. And she SHOULD win. Maggie Smith is her biggest competition.

Andrew: And, I wouldn't mind Maggie winnning, but she won't turn up and I want a speech, goddamnit!

Ryan: Exactly. I want fun, exciting, heartfelt speeches. I did love the mentions for Game of Thrones/Breaking Bad ensemble nods, too, I suppose.

Andrew: It was easily the mentions for Glenn, for me. Mostly for Damages but for both I guess. I want her to turn up everywhere and be awesome. Of course, even mentions of Glenn can’t eviscerate icky things like citing Betty White. Twice. They CONTINUE to reward Betty White? I mean seriously that was a what the fuck moment. Because I was seriously like what the fuck. TWO nods for White? Honestly, even the citations for Modern Family seem really de facto.

Ryan: But see at least for Modern Family I GET IT. It's also not in my top 5 comedies. But with the Emmys and the critical acclaim... I get it. Betty White on the other hand... yes, she's a treasure, but damn.

Andrew: It's just that anyone who's been watching the first half of season 3 for Modern Family knows that Jesse Tyler Ferguson has been killing it! I hate that he's almost always the afterthought when it comes to the adult cast.

Ryan: Yeah. Though I seem to agree with the majority on that. Not that I don't like him, but if I had to rank them he's not in my top 3 or 4. And if you factor in the kids also... well. I still like him though!

Andrew: Boo!

Ryan: You what what upset me, the Parks and Recreation snub. I am so angry. SO ANGRY.

Andrew: I immediately went ick at Betty, Big Bang and Cryer, though.

Ryan: Jon Cryer and Betty White citations were definitely two of the worst for me as well.

Andrew: But, are we surprised about Parks and Recreation getting snubbed, though?

Ryan: YES. It's been building momentum for the past year or so. At the very least I thought Poehler was a shoe-in.

Andrew: I'm not. It's disappointing, but it's so like them. They just sort of have this tendency to do weirdness like this. But, the drama nods are lovely. Sure, they shaft almost every supporting player and the Suits inclusion is wack...but it's a mostly solid list.

Ryan: It is a solid list. Those ensemble nominations are damn good though I'd probably swap Dexter with something like Revenge (ha!). Or critics are livid that Homeland got shut out. I haven't seen it.

Andrew: I'm not livid, it's unfortunate since it is one of the finest dramas on...but we can't have everything. But we can have Jessica Lange and Glenn Close. Kathy Bates stinks up that category but Glenn and Jessica with Julianna and Kyra is an ace lineup. The next spot should be either Kelly MacDonald or Archie Panjabi or Claire Danes...or anyone really. Bates is awful.

Ryan: I wished I watched more than just Julianna Margulies in that category, but it is a good list regardless. Could you imagine if Madeleine Stowe was in there instead of Kathy Bates?

Andrew: It would be a full-out diva-off. And, even though I'm not big on the actual nominees you have to admit the Lead Actress Film nominees are a sweet lineup. All are fine women.

Ryan: I have no complaints whatsoever on those. I love them all and I haven't seen Albert Nobbs so I don't know yet whether to be happy/sad it's still alive in the Oscars race.

Andrew: The film is a question mark, and Glenn is VERY restrained but I think it's well worth a nod. But, I adore Glenn.

Ryan: As we all should.

Andrew: Everyone seems to be wondering if the actress will be the Oscar actual lineup. Sure, we've got the likes of Theron and Oleson...but it could very well be the lineup.

Ryan: I'll be just fine if that turned out to be the Oscar lineup because I'd be happy for anyone who wins.
Lead Actor Film is very conservative. All of the edgier performances this season were left out in the cold, but it's to be expected. Though there was that shock nomination for Demian Birchir. Haven't seen the film, but I actually like the surprise. At least it wasn't a Patrick J. Adams kind of surprise. I'm not over that.

Andrew: So, does Leo get nominated or does he get replaced by some combination of Oldman, Shannon, Harrelson?

Ryan: Before today obviously, I'd have said his chances are low, but Oldman and Harrelson are getting nil attention as well from critics and others. The BAFTAs might help Oldman (and Vanessa Redgrave). But it's definitely competitive for those final 1-2 spots.

Andrew: I haven't seen J. Edgar, and I must admit I've waned in Leo love since Inception but...I want him to get nominated just because I don't want him to get snubbed, BUT I don't want him to get nominated and lose...but I don't want him to win for an Eastwood film. Blech.

Ryan: If he gets nominated, he won't win.

Andrew: The supporting categories are even more up in the air. But, I don't the think the lack of SAG hurts Vanessa, because as you point out all the actors' don't vote for the nods and Vanessa is a legend. She'll most likely get the Globe love, almost certain to get the BAFTA's love, and even if the movie landed the way a dog whistle did (with no one hearing a freaking thing) I don't think they'll ignore her.

Ryan: And her category is even more up in the air than others. How many ladies from The Help will make it in? Which performance of Jessica Chastain will get noticed? Melissa McCarthy? Shailene Woodley?

Andrew: I didn't love Bridesmaids, I liked it (B- ) and Melissa was MVP for me....but, the love is just a bit too overexuberant for me.

Ryan: What you said is exactly how I feel.

Andrew: And, what annoys me about her more ardent fans is if you say you don't want her nominated it becomes a slap in the face to comdic women. Silliness.

Ryan: And yet, I'm OKAY. McCarthy's wins is making awards season fun somehow. It's all inherently silly anyways.

Andrew: But, we loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove it.

Ryan: But, not the nominees…

Andrew: Think of it this way, despite the nominations' weirdness we'll always have Kate.
Are you as excited for Kate as we? Do the TV nods exasperate you? Do you like that Best Actress lineup? What were your snap reactions?


Candice Frederick said...

nice post! yeah, i didn't love bridesmaids like everyone else did. but i did really like it. it just doesn't necessarily scream award worthy to me.

Jose SolĂ­s said...

Like all treasures Betty White should be buried...

With that said, yay Kate, she'll win! I won't get into Glenn discussions cause Andrew will ban me to 19th century Ireland and force me to live like a woman if I do, however I'm thrilled she's in for Damages and I'm sure she'll win that one cause she'll lose the movie thing.
I would love it if the cast of Midnight in Paris won this, Bridesmaids would be my second choice cause I think the energy that whole cast conveyed was enough to propel me through a boring six months of movies after I saw it.

PS: why am I never invited to talk with you? Oh, the Glenn thing, fine Andrew...I'll go all Emily Thorne on you for this!