Friday, 11 November 2011

There's Too Much Howard Hughes Leonardo DiCaprio in Howard Hughes

*and that's a good thing*
Today is Leonardo DiCaprio’s birthday, and I wasn’t planning on doing anything significant blogging wise to mark it. I did a post for it last year, and just recently I was talking about how worried I’ve been about him lately, specifically J. Edgar. Whatever, moving on. I was cleaning out my computer yesterday, and I came across this screen-cap.
And, I immediately began grinning even if the movie isn't really funny. But, I do love The Aviator and as time goes by I begin to wonder if it's, perhaps Leo's best. I was watching pieces of it two weeks ago, and I'd forgotten just how eclectic the performance was.

So, ahoy, eleven screenshots to remind you just how god Leo was in this.


Stevee Taylor said...

I absolutely love this film. He is beyond great in it. He should have won an Oscar for it. Nothing else to say.

Runs Like A Gay said...

You can never have too much Leo...

Although if he had been given an Oscar for this he won't be given a make-up oscar in 20 years for a far inferior performance and thereby fulfilling a classic Oscar tradition.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

stevee i love how infallible your opinions are.

ben ha. hopefully you're right and he does actually win some day.