Monday, 21 November 2011

Randomness: Debbie Allen in West Side Story

Most of you TV fans would know Debbie Allen from her Emmy winning work on Fame and her work on So You Think You Can Dance she turns up quite regularly as one of the judges on the show, and I'm sure everyone knows that she was a great dancer back in her day. I spend an unwarranted amount of time memorising random trivia, so I knew that she had two Tony nominations for revivals of West Side Story and Sweet Charity but I'd never actually seen her perform until this weekend when I was wasting time on the Internet not doing my essay on Johnson and Shakespeare, and I came across this spectacular performance from the 1980 Tony Awards.

I was sort of blown away, how brilliant is she? There are so many little things I love in this performance, and I'm not even particularly into dancing but I've watched Karen Olivo of the recent Broadway Revival and she sings beautifully, but the dancing seems especially muted. Debbie, though, is just perfection. Isn't she?


Squasher88 said...

She's fantastic, but Rita Morena is THE Anita in my mind.

TomS said...

Yes, she is wonderful! Thanks for posting the clip, Andrew.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

squasher i love wss, but i'm not completely in love with rita. love her, but i don't think she's prefect.

tom yes she is, and you're welcome.