Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Pick a peck of Parker Posey

I've never seen Dazed and Confused so when the news came out that Parker Posey was guest starring on Parks and Recreation as Leslie's nemesis I was a bit out of the loop on the excitement. Perhaps I'll get around to assessing Posey's worth from all those 90s films she apparently was in, but for now I'm contented with the string of guest role she's churned out over the last three months in the aforementioned Parks and Recreation, then The Big C and most recently in The Good Wife. I especially hope she pops back up soon as Eli Gould's wife . It's her birthday today, so it's only fair that I give her a mention.
Anyone know Parker for something other than her stellar guest work this year?


Nick Prigge said...

Yeah, I think you had to come of age in the 90's to truly understand The Posey Effect. I've always loved Parker, which is why I completely freaked out when she appeared on "Parks and Rec."

"Kicking and Screaming" is my favorite movie with her, her busy-bee freak-out in "Best In Show" is my favorite single moment of hers, and I think perhaps the quintessential Posey-esque role is Jackie O. in "House of Yes."

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

nicholas i've never felt small in relation to blogging and such, but clearly i have a nineties blindspot. sigh. i shall have to learn of parker some time soon when i have time, i like what i've seen.