Friday, 4 November 2011

Oh, Leo...

...make me a believer, again.
Not that I've been paying especial attention to early screenings and critical word, but doesn't everything seem particularly hush-hush on the J. Edgar. I have no qualms in admitting that my basic reason for wanting to see the film is Leonardo DiCaprio (and by default, its potential as an "Oscar contender" - a dubious title). Yet, even though I want to see it because of Leo I'm not at all anxious about seeing it, and because of my propensity to be overly analytical even especially when it's unnecessary, I'm a bit worried about this suggests about my relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio. Two cliched adages for you today don't beat a dead horse and hind sight is 20/20. I need to stop picking on Inception because it's really getting be nowhere, and it's not as if I loathed the movie - I thought it was a fairly good effort. Still, all the criticism lodged against Leo's tendency to be overly precise with his dramatic scenes never really made an impression on me until Cobb, a performance I didn't like very much. Think of it this way, of his 9 performances from from 2002 to 2010 I think it's his worse and it just happens to be his most recent, so I'm worried about J. Edgar.

And, it's less than ringing endorsement that Clint Eastwood is directing it. There are two Eastwood films that I liked in the past decade Mystic River and Changeling, liking the latter is considered an oddity - but, there it is. It's not that Eastwood is specifically turning me off from the venture, it's just that the concept of biopic on the man who was at the helm of F.B.I. sounds like a generally turgid cinematic experience unless injected with some levity. And sure, Dustin Lance Black did a fairly good job with Milk, but one good screenplay does not a proven writer make. Maybe, I'm just nervous for Leo and the qualms in my stomach are indicative not of trepidation but nervous excitement. For me, there's a lot riding on this performance because I fear I'm turning into something of a non-believer regarding him. It's worrying. I want the good times back.

(But Judi Dench? YAY!)
What do you anticipate will become of J. Edgar? Is the lack of word worrying you? Will Clint and Leo prevail. Discuss.


Ryan T. said...

Whenever I think of this project, it's actually odd that I'm barely caring. I like Leo, love Judi, have on-off relationship w/ Clint, and have a total crush on Armie. And yet... it seems it's very low in my list of OSCAR-Y MOVIES COMING OUT SOON in terms of my excitement to see the film.

I do love the font they are using for the title treatment. I'll give them an A+ for that.

Jose said...

I was watching a show on E! yesterday - don't ask - and they talked about Leo's career. It was so refreshing to see him as a young, excited child, now he's moving into bullshit Tom Hanks territory, trying to be important and do significant movies that often are disgusting blockbusters (Blood Diamond! and well, Incpetion..) He needs to get a grip and have some fun!

MovieNut14 said...

I'm watching it regardless. I like Eastwood (even if his work has been lacking as of late) and I like Leo. It should hopefully be good.

Nick Prigge said...

Eastwood biopics, to my mind, are always deadly boring affairs which simply follow everything in chronological order and never get BEHIND the people.

And Leo....I think you're onto something. I agree with Jose saying he's "trying to be important and do significant movies that often are disgusting blockbusters" but I actually disagree on "Blood Diamond". Well, I think "Blood Diamond" was a disgusting blockbuster and basically a bad movie but I loved Leo in it. He had energy, he was a rebel. I might have to type up a post on that one.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

ryan "I do love the font they are using for the title treatment. I'll give them an A+ for that." little things like that just make my day. i WANT this movie to do well, just for leo but i'm doubtful.

jose i hate hate HATE the thought of comparing leo to hanks but you're so right with how boring he's getting, and i'm only now realising. he needs to loosen up, team up with kate for a comedy, do a musical, do horror. i don't know, something new.

anna well, i'm definitely watching it. i'm just worried.

nick i agree with you on blood diamond. leo sort of made it all more bearable. (still can't forgive AMPAS for nominating him for THAT instead of the departed though, just bizarre.) type up that post by all means.

Stevee Taylor said...

I really want to see this movie...but it's not the kind of 'want' where I would jump at the first available opportunity to see it (plus, it comes out here in February, so I shouldn't get too excited just yet). The reviews are mixed at the moment, which is something I was kinda expecting.

I do hope Leo will get his well-deserved Oscar (but you know me, I'm Leo's biggest fan), but there are so many great looking performances out there this year that will give him some tough competition. Whatever, I love Leo, and I will be seeing this...I'm just surprised by the fact that I'm not that excited for it.