Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Come and Get It; or My Supporting Actor Project (or How I Never Knew Walter Brennan)

*taps mic*

I'm looking at my blogging history, and it's not anywhere as abysmal as it seems in my head, but it's bad enough because really I like to do a lot more writing than I've been doing lately. And, as of late, I've found myself in something of a quandary because I've not been able to see the new films that I want nor am I able to find that elusive thing called inspiration review to write on the films that I have seen. I'm a lost cause really. Sort of. But, immediately I'm digressing because - well it's me. Anyhow, assuming that you read the title for this post you'd have realised that it's nothing to with my usual esoteric ramblings.
I was browsing through the winners in the major Oscar categories recently, and I came to realise that my blindspot was the Best Supporting Actor, which I've pointed before on this space is the most forgotten of the acting categories. I, with my insatiable desire to devour Oscar trivia, had completely forgotten that Walter Brennan had won the award not once, not twice, but thrice. It's a significant feat anyway you look at it, and I'd seen not one of his Oscar winning performances. So, I got to thinking how I need something substantial to hold on to blog-wise, and I thought how Actress or Supporting Actress profiles often get people's attention, but the actors are often overlooked - particularly the supporting actors. I'm not certain how viable a project it is, perhaps the reason no one writes about the actors is because no one cares - but I'm interested in eviscerating that blindspot of mine, even though I'll be saving Brennan for later. Ahoy, Supporting Actor Profiles.
Will I actually keep this up or will I burn out, you ask? Astute questions all - who knows? So, help me pick a kick-ass year to start with. 

Either way, I promise I'll blog more, I prooooooooooomise.

Addendum: Just to be clear, the project is watching all the Supporting Actor nominees. I tend to be a bit vague always.


TomS said...

I look forward to your returning with a vengeance! I voted for '61 just because I find the films most interesting. (If I could do a write-in vote, it would be 1972: 3 Godfathers, Eddie Albert, and Joel Grey!)
This should be fun.

Fritz said...

I voted for 1961.

I love it that you take a look at this forgotten category. Personally, I am one of the Best-Actress-nerds and will probably continue with this category for the next time but who knows, maybe someday I will also pay some attention to the men.

MovieNut14 said...

I went with the '61 race. I want to see your opinion on the other nominees besides Monty.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

tom i almost put 72 on the list, and i'm glad you think it'll be fun. i sure hope so.

fritz but why is this category so forgotten? i often wonder.

anna well, it seems like you shall get your wish.