Tuesday, 8 November 2011

BeRandomness: Beah Richards in Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

I'm thinking of Guess Who's Coming to Dinner because it's the film up for LAMB Casting this week (you have until Thursday to send in your votes) and I often forget that the film has more going for it than being the last Kramer/Tracy and Hepburn/Tracy union. It's one of those few films which managed a nomination for every acting category - Tracy, Hepburn, Kellaway and Richards and I do find the nod for Richards a bit random, but I love it nonetheless.

Apparently Beah was a poet and a playwright, which I find so interesting, kudos to her (and she also has two Emmy's). Guess Who's Coming to Dinner is all about parallels - the two fathers worried about the implications of this interracial marriage, the two mothers softening to their children's plight and I adore that scene where she and Kate have their maternal moment. Oscar voters always have their reasons for doing things, so who knows why they voted for Beah but just like Kate I love her performance less for the line readings and more for the facial expressions...and, to think she's only a few years older than Sidney.
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