Monday, 31 October 2011

"Was it a vision....or a waking dream...?"


Today is John Keats' birth anniversary, he's the youngest of the important Romantic poets and even though it's not a straight biopic fragments of his life are beautiful encapsulated in Jane Campion's Bright Star which, in retrospect, is my favourite film of 2009.

Poetry is meant to be heard, not read, and it's so smart of Campion to have actual audio tracks of the poems.


ruth said...

Gorgeous photos, Andrew. Bright Star is full of romantic moments & the cinematography is superb. I need to give the film another shot as I wasn't in love with it the first time around.

Ryan T. said...

Like Ruth, I too appreciated the gorgeous cinematography and the many romantic moments, but didn't fall in love with it as many people did. It's definitely near the top of my "Need to Re-watch" list.

Runs Like A Gay said...

Thanks for reminding me how stunning this movie was, it seems time has robbed me of it's beauty (much like poetry gets lost in your head) and I too need to revisit.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

ruth and ryan oh please do :) i'm really not slave for romance generally, but this movie just slays, perhaps because of its literary quality.

ben YES it's beautiful. shame that it couldn't even pick up some technical recognition from any major awards' body in 09.