Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Spin-Off 2.5

Wherein I imagine sequels, prequels and spin-offs that Hollywood would never think of or green light, but probably should...
The single beacon in this semester of drudgery at University (I exaggerate, but allow me my theatricality) is the fact that I’m doing A Streetcar Named Desire in my American Literature course. I adore Tennessee Williams, and Streetcar is one of the most beautiful plays I’ve read. Re-reading it last week, I found even more new facets in it – I’ve never felt as empathetic towards Blanche before, and I popped in the DVD to watch Vivien do some scenes. The play is short, but unquestionably dense and there’s a slew of ways a spin-off could go, but I’m most arrested by the possibility of a Blanche prequel...
...and there are a number of things that happen to Blanche pre-Stanley but it’s her marriage which I refer to. Williams adapted his own screenplay and the scene in the movie referring to Blanche’s marriage is sort of glossed over, unlike the play where it’s essentially spelled out – well, as much as Tennessee’s mellifluous dialogue can be called spelling out – that her husband, Alan was a gay man who committed suicide. His suicide is one of the things that Blanche holds immeasurable guilt for...she still keeps the poems that “dead boy” wrote. The very awesome Jose did a lovely post over at The Film Experience on the scene.
I suppose no one should mess with the genius that is Williams, but I’d be so curious to see what the story of Alan and Blanche would be. A younger Blanche already seems like such a rich idea of a film, and I immediately think of Abbie Cornish as a perfect actress to fulfil the role. She has the right temperament, I think, for Blanche’s excitability and because Bright Star refuses to leave my consciousness how easy would Ben Whishaw be as Alan, her poetry writing gay husband? Hell, just bring back Jane Campion to direct and make this a reunion.
Is this a logical idea for a prequel or am I blinded by love for Abbie, Ben and Tennessee?

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