Saturday, 29 October 2011

Celebrating the real Fanny Brice...sort of (maybe)

With all the people who win Oscars for playing real life characters I almost always forgot that Barbra Streisand's work in Funny Girl was inspired by a real woman - the real Fanny Brice. Today is that Fanny's birthday, and other than what Baaaaaaarbra tells me I don't know much about the woman. I adore Funny Girl though, so I feel a bit badly. But, it's so difficult to try to think of - or even care about - the real Fanny when Barbra is Fanny enough for everyone. I suppose it's less because I don't know of Brice prior-Funny Girl and more because Funny Girl isn't a straight-biopic in any form. Incidentally, it reminds me of the situation with Streisand's co-winner that year - Katharine Hepburn in The Lion Winter. Kate's Eleanor of Aquitaine is a real person too, but The Lion in Winter isn't a biopic either so I'm more inclined to think Kate when I hear the name and less of the real woman. Although, it's more than likely that I'm just so fond of the performances that I don't even care who they're based on.

Ultimately, I suppose it does not matter.
Even though it's the real Fanny's birthday today there's nothing wrong with fĂȘting the imaginary one, right?

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