Thursday, 8 September 2011

Randomness: Topher Grace

I’ve never watched an episode of That 70’s Show, so I’ve no knowledge of Topher Grace in that capacity. I’m trying to wrack my brain to remember when I first espied this younger, less charismatic pseudo-doppelgänger of Ewan McGregor. I figured that it was in 2004 with wither the dubious Win A Date with Tad Hamilton or the mostly solid – if occasionally unassuming – In Good Company. Neither film seems like an astounding showcase for Topher, so I wonder why when I recently saw him in the questionable Take Me Home Tonight I felt as if he’d fallen from, errr, grace.
There was no significant impetus – if any – behind me watching Take Me Home Tonight. I get into those random moods of mine where I like to think that even the most inane of films have something to latch on to (even I couldn’t make a valid case for reviewing it, though). The film is exactly the kind of innocuous throwback romantic comedy (it takes place in the late eighties), which to its credit tries to be both romantic and comedic even if most of that is backed by absurd dialogue and even more absurd characters. Matt is, I presume, about a decade out of college working at video store who runs into his high school crush, pretends to be a banker, bangs the girl under false pretences yada yada ya. Plot details are superfluous, this isn’t a review.
Back to Grace, though, he’s so charming in this oftentimes messy movie I keep wondering what he’s doing there (he out-charms Anna Farris, Chris Pratt AND Michelle Tratchenberg). A journey to his IMDB page, where I should have begun, resuscitates my memory and I recall “meeting” him in Traffic opposite Erika Christensen who’s been a bit MIA (but at least she’s alive and well on Parenthood). And since, for the record, I’m probably the only person who actually liked Spiderman 3 I might as well confess that I thought Topher was fairly good in it. He’s 33 now, and I warrant that his time has passed and he’ll probably never breakout which is not a huge blow to cinema, but still a shame. From interviews I’ve seen he seems nice enough.
Topher Grace (generally): B
Topher Grace in Take Me Home Tonight B-
Take Me Home Tonight: D+


Fitz said...

I just had a conversation with my girlfriend the other day about where he went.

Spider-man 3 was hardly his fault and he played the part well. Maybe he'll luck out soon with a supporting character part.

Ryan T. said...

Never really blamed the actors for Spider-Man 3 and like Fitz said, he did well for his part. Maybe he would've been bigger if the film was well-received, but it's not like he had a huge part in it.

I did see Take Me Home Tonight because Anna Faris is delightful and I do find Grace charming. Not a good film, but again I don't think it really hurts Faris or Grace. He played across Anne Hathaway in Valentine's Day. Didn't like the movie, but I thought their storyline was one of the better ones in the film.

Simon said...

I liked him in That 70 Show, even if he kind of couldn't keep a straight face and strikes me as kind of weasely. Also, Predators.

Colleen said...

Okay, I watch That 70's Show almost daily. I think it's an underrated show that's both hysterical and sweet. I also felt that Topher Grace's comedic abilities were always underated. He's one of those people that it's not what he says it's how he says it. I think he always looked at TV as his launching pad and unfortnately, things have not worked at to well for most of the cast. I've only seen two of his films, P.S. and Spiderman 3. I thought he did a good job in both. When I see him in stuff like Take Me Home Tonight I just shake my head. He has the chops, he just needs the break. If you ever want to check out That 70's Show, I recommend episode 38 "Hunting." It's my favorite.