Saturday, 24 September 2011

Forgotten Characters 4.5

So, after an unplanned hiatus – shame, me – here’s another forgotten soul to ruminate on this week.
So, you know how some films endure in our memories but not for all the reasons. Sometimes we remember just one specific performance, when there’s a whole lot happening on the sidelines. And, even if the film itself isn’t that excellent there’s more than that single thing to remember. I sort of feel that that’s what became of
John Krasinski in It’s Complicated
as Harley

granted, I never forgot his work. Rewatching bits and pieces of It’s Complicated recently I got to thinking that despite my review of it – which I stand by – there are some excellent facets of it which get better with time. And, I initially singled out Krasinski as my favourite element – and he still is. He’s playing Jane’s son-in-law and really it’s a role that should be extraneous for the most part. And, there’s a sense that Meyers is milking Krasinski for all he’s worth because she knows he’s up to it and it works. The film is really that of the trio’s (Streep, Baldwin and Martin all doing good work) so, to through Krasinski into the ball game he becomes the one who finds out about the affair which is one of the moments where the film is fearlessly silly in its comedic nature – and manages to work.

It’s one of those moments of pure happenstance that allows Harley and Lauren to be at the same hotel where Jane and Jake go to get it on, but the results are delightful in all their obviousness. Krasinski’s beacon on The Office has always his been his control over his face and it’s great seeing that augmented with traces of physical humour.
all in the quest to prevent what he knows will be a terrible secret from getting out.

It’s good for a laugh, but there’s a strong amount of sincerity amidst those expressions
and, I like to think that it’s proof of how good a relationship Harley has with both Jake and Jake. And, though, it’s never developed and though Meyers gets carried away with the silliness later in the film moments like the pot in the bathroom,
Or Harley diving in for a family hug
always make me think fondly of this performance.

Did you appreciate John's work here? Or did you only have eyes for Meryl?


Luke said...

I'm so with you on this one! He was a wonderful addition to the cast. Sure, he was channeling Jim big time, but he definitely aided some of the silliness into actual comedic good stuff. Plus, I can credit this movie with being my mom's first mention of interest in The Office thanks to Mr. Krasinski.

Fitz said...

He saved what was a very boring bunch of younger actors.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

luke he was channeling jim, and then again the humour was so literal unlike the usual subtlety of him. either way i loved it.

fitz it's weird. i don't like the children cast individually, but their scenes together - like the end with their mother - work. still, i loathe zoe kazan, absolutely annoying.

Runs Like A Gay said...

Best performance in the film, with that and Away we Go he was on a great run.

Ryan T. said...

He had the least screen time in the not-so-good Something Borrowed. And thus he was the best part in it for me.