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Emmy Chatter with Ryan: Lead Actors and Actresses

So, we were a wee bit off with the predictions for Guest Actors. But, really,it's the surprises that make predicting these awards so much fun. Sunday is drawing closer, so Ryan and I take a look at the lead categories. (Previously: Supporting Performers / Guest Performers)
Ryan: You've been waiting long? Sorry about that.

Andrew: I'm not sure, I may have dozed off. Sooooo tired.

Ryan: Got a haircut then unexpectedly got tricked into seeing Your Highness. Dreadful movie.

Andrew: I'm unsurprised. About Your Highness, I mean.

Ryan: I actually dozed off in the middle so I'm tired too, though probably not the same reason why you're tired.

Andrew: And, I've got a lot of shows to watch and blog stuff...I take blogging too seriously. Hell, I take everything too seriously.

Ryan: It's all good. This is what makes your blog great. Holy crap I keep forgetting that smiley creeps me out with its huge teeth.

Andrew: It is sort of weird.

Ryan: Well, onwards. Let's start from least exciting to most...

Andrew: Comedy Lead Actors it is

Ryan: I was actually thinking Drama Actor... but same difference. So Steve Carell is winning, no? I mean they HAVE TO give it to him.
Andrew: You may hate him, but at least Matthew Morrison and his butt-chin would have made it look prettier.

Ryan: Ha! You got me there.

Andrew: Should we even discuss it? I'm bored just looking at the batch. (Even if Carell, LeBlanc and Baldwin all make my top 6)

  • Alec Baldwin 30 Rock for “Respawn” (wherein Jack tries to get over Avery and sees Kenneth as a stand-in)
  • Steve Carell The Office for “Goodbye, Michael” (wherein Michael tells the office goodbye)
  • Louis C. K. Louis for “Bully”
  • Johnny Galecki The Big Bang Theory for “The Benefactor Factor” (where a special interest is taken in Leonard by Mrs. Latham)
  • Matt LeBlanc Episodes for “Episode 107” (wherein the truth about Matt and Beverly comes out)
  • Jim Parsons The Big Bang Theory for “The Agreement Dissection” (wherein Sheldon goes dancing with the girls)

Ryan: Yeah, Carell is probably getting the award. They probably think they've awarded Baldwin enough (though who knows) and Parsons just won last year (and he has Galecki possibly splitting votes).

Andrew: I have a bad feeling C.K. could upset, which would be devastating but Carell it is. Wow, that was easy.

Ryan: I still have no clue how Galecki got nominated, but it only helps Carell.

Andrew: Maybe voters were sniffing all that grease Galecki seems to have in his hair.

Ryan: Next up Drama. This is VERY interesting actually so I don't know why I thought it wasn't so a few minutes ago. Three-time winner Bryan Cranston isn't in the field this year opening it up for some men who probably should've won years ago.

  • Steve Buscemi Boardwalk Empire for “A Return to Normalcy” (wherein Nucky ponders his future as he awaits the results of elections)
  • Kyle Chandler Friday Night Lights for “Always” (where Coach Taylor makes decisions about the panthers’ future – and his)
  • Michael C. Hall Dexter for “Teenage Wasteland” (wherein Dexter’s investigations get side-tracked by the arrival of Astor, his stepdaughter)
  • Jon Hamm Mad Men for “The Suitcase” (wherein Don forces Peggy to pull an all-nighter effectively ruining her birthday)
  • Hugh Laurie House for “After Hours” (wherein, among other things, House finds three tumours in his legs)
  • Timothy Olyphant Justified for “Reckoning” (wherein the home invasion threatens Raylan personally)

Andrew: This is another category I don't want to look at because I takes these things personally and I just know that Hall won't win, although looking at the nominees him not winning would be ridiculous.

Ryan: If Hall couldn't win last year... But he, Laurie, and Hamm would definitely be fighting for this award... And yet new "kid" Steve Buscemi...

Andrew: I'll level with you, once Hamm or Laurie don't win. I'm fine. Laurie has gotten tedious to watch, and though Hamm made my top 6 I feel his acting is more often than not incredibly lazy. So, I can't endorse it.
Ryan: His episode though is perfect. Critics couldn't stop salivating over that episode. It was Hamm and Olson at their finest. Olson? Moss. I'm mixing characters and actors again.

Andrew: Hamm? I feel Moss wipes the floor with him, and I didn't like his submission...I thought the “The Summer Man” for him would have more sense than for Hendricks.

Ryan: I constantly think Moss wipes the floor with him, but it's not like she's competing in his category. But I sort of agree about “The Summer Man”. Still, he probably picked the episode because everyone loved it.

Andrew: I feel that voters would be smart not to vote for him...then again, I have no clue.

Ryan: Predictions? I can go first.

Andrew: Go ahead.

Ryan: Steve Carell SHOULD WIN and just to cover my bases, Alec Baldwin as an alternate. Steve Buscemi will win and Jon Hamm as alternate. Oh God, two Steves? Seriously?

Andrew: And yes, seriously to the two Steves.

Ryan: How random.

Andrew: Carell with C.K. as an alternate. Buscemi with Hall as alternate...look, Kyra won when everyone thought she was done with, I'm stubborn.

Ryan: Okay, actresses!

Andrew: the comedy category is just as boring.

Ryan: I at least like all of the actresses.

  • Edie Falco Nurse Jackie for “Rat Falls” (wherein Jackie deals with rats infesting her dwindling stash of drugs)
  • Tina Fey 30 Rock for “Double-Edged Sword” (wherein Liz and Carroll break up after a fiasco on a plane reveals their similarities)
  • Laura Linney The Big C for “Pilot” (wherein Cathy realises she has cancer and begins turning her life around)
  • Melissa McCarthy Mike and Molly for “First Date” (wherein taking cold medicine before a first date ends up being bad form for Molly)
  • Martha Plimpton Raising Hope “Say Cheese”
  • Amy Poehler Parks and Recreation “Flu Season” (wherein Leslie gets the flu on the day of her big pitch for Harvest Festival)

Andrew: The four I watch submitted excellently, but it's Laura and Amy duking it out and the question is do they they go for heart or do they go for head?

Ryan: Excellent question. I actually saw the Pilot of The Big C and while it was good, “Flu Season” is like perfection (true that, my review). Amy Poehler should have this award locked in a perfect world, but I think Showtime is going to rule for a third straight year.

Andrew: Laura really is fabulous. And what helps her is that her show is currently on air for the second season and she's even better than she was in season one. Pitch-perfect, actually. so...
Ryan: Also Laura Linney's popularity (even if she does deserve it on quality of work) will give her the edge. I don't think she's ever lost an Emmy nomination. I could be wrong.

Andrew: And yes, Laura won each of her previous 3 Emmy nominations.

Ryan: I mean they could think they've awarded her enough, but I don't think that'll happen.

Andrew: And she oddly didn't even get a SAG nod, which doesn't mean that much...but is still odd.

Ryan: Is Drama even better? I mean they nominated Margulies. Again. I mean Hargitay. Jesus. I love Julianna Margulies. YOU KNOW THAT. Freudian slip?

Andrew: That's a ghastly slip. I mean, Hargitay (the actress, not the person) should be lying in ditch somewhere paying for her CRIME TO HUMANITY!!!!!!!

Ryan: I know. I'm flogging myself for that mistake.

Andrew: I just hate, hate, hate, that red haired harlot and that awful spin-off.

Ryan: Wait, I think I lost you somewhere. Is she red-haired?

Andrew: Isn't she?

Ryan: Probably. I always picture her as a brunette and I'm too lazy to Google. And Kathy Bates. Wow. Talk about getting in due to name recognition. Geez.

Andrew: And, imagine if she surprises as wins...which isn't out of the question.

Ryan: Not at all, but I'm really hoping it'll be one of two people. You can probably guess which two.

  • Kathy Bates Harry’s Law for “Innocent Man” (wherein, as implied, Harry defends an innocent man serving a life sentence)
  • Connie Britton Friday Night Lights for “Always” (wherein as the show ends Tami’s job causes rifts in the family)
  • Mireille Enos The Killing for “Missing” (wherein Linden’s son goes missing and she and her partner look for him)
  • Mariska Hargitay Law and Order: Special Victims Unit for “Rescue” (wherein Benson is shaken when child services removes her ward)
  • Julianna Margulies The Good Wife for “In Sickness” (wherein Alicia kicks Peter out)
  • Elizabeth Moss Mad Men for “The Suitcase” (wherein Betty spends a dismal birthday at the office)

Andrew: You're hoping for Julianne and Elizabeth. I'm hoping for Mireille. You're probably right.

Ryan: I haven't seen the rest of the show, but so many people had negative feelings towards The Killing in the end there. Do you think that will impact her chances?

Andrew: She has none, so it's a blind hope. Too beautiful in that unconventional way of hers and understated for them to get...her submission though is just perfect.

Ryan: Speaking of, I think Elisabeth beat Julianne in the department of submissions.
Andrew: Julianna submitted her best I think (don't you?) and Elizabeth submitted her best. Only thing is, Elizaebth's best is a stronger episode. They're even for me.

Ryan: Remind me... what happened in “In Sickness” again? Because I wanted Julianne to pick the episode where she confronted Kalinda and was cold to Peter's mom (which I believe in the same episode).

Andrew: Plimpton shows up again when Alicia defends the terminally ill woman who got refused the organ. She finds out about Peter and moves from bland in the beginning to ferociously fighting for the case in the end. Oh, and she cries.

Ryan: Yeah. I still think the episode (possibly Getting Off) where she confronted Kalinda would've been better.

Andrew: The Kalinda confrontation was “Getting Off”, but Jackie one was “In Sickness”.

Ryan: Ooh okay, well that changes my mind. I really love her clash with Jackie.

Andrew: Okee. Predix?

Ryan: Laura Linney, alt. Amy Poehler. Julianna Margulies, alt. Elisabeth Moss.

Andrew: Switch around in both cases.

Ryan: Ooh, interesting.

Andrew: I have a feeling that Julianne just won't win for The Good Wife (a la Martin Sheen in The West Wing) and I don't know...Amy is adroable...they might fall in love with her.

Ryan: If it's Moss who'll win instead I'm SO OKAY with that. And Amy winning would make my whole night. And with that I actually have to go! Not ditching you for tennis though. I have to help my dad with something and apparently it couldn't wait.

 Andrew: What a good son you are.
So, how do the leading categories shake up for you? Who's winning?

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