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Emmy Chatter with Ryan: Guest Categories

Tonight are the creative Emmy’s. They’re not televised, so no need to set your tivo or whatever but they’re important. Not only do they give us those cool awards no one seems to care about like choreography, hosting and costumes (Ann Roth’s work on Mildred Pierce BETTER triumph) but they give us indicators of what the major categories will fall for since they give us results for casting, and guest performers. Ryan and I continue our Emmy ruminations by looking at the Guest Performers.

Andrew: They should rather simple in theory at least, no? I often feel that the Guest Categories are the least revered of the lot. The winners seem to be less about goodness, and more about what's hot...

Ryan: Or who is a movie star...

Andrew: ...which annoys me…

Ryan: I do think for this category less people voting actually saw the episodes. I mean that's why the famous names always get the wins here.

Andrew: But it's so often the wrong famous people...although I have a feeling Gwyn might win and that wouldn't be terrible to me.

Elizabeth Banks 30 Rock
Kristin Chenoweth Glee
Tina Fey 30 Rock
Dot Marie Jones Glee
Cloris Leachman Raising Hope
Gwyneth Paltrow Glee

Ryan: She's definitely the one to beat in her category. The only threat she has is Chenoweth and Leachman. More the latter than the former since they honoured Chenoweth so recently. I mean they love Tina Fey and Elizabeth Banks is also a movie star, but I just have a feeling.

Andrew: And I've heard of Leachman's terrible category fraud...which annoys me. She's not as annoying as Betty White in terms of old-lady mugging, but...I'm an ageist.

Ryan: They like them their funny old ladies. I only saw the first half of the season of Raising Hope, but I do know she appeared in every single episode. Maybe she was gone for one of them, but still... definitely category fraud.

Andrew: And in the drama category, I heard rumblings that Cusack is being fraudulent too?
Battle of the category frauds?

Cara Buono Mad Men
Joan Cusack Shameless

Loretta Devine Grey's Anatomy
Mary McDonnell The Closer
Julia Stiles Dexter
Alfre Woodard True Blood

Ryan: Well I did watch the series and she did appear in every episode, but she's AT LEAST peripheral enough from the MAIN family that I can understand why. Leachman is part of the main family in hers.

Andrew: In the same way, I understand Stiles submitting in guest because she just drops in for a season. She's not a mainstay of Dexter. I suspect she and Joan could face-off in drama...but I'm not certain.

Ryan: Those were my two picks also of who will duke it out for the award. It's tough. Dexter is the more beloved show, but I suspect Cusack is the more beloved actor.

Andrew: Other than Randee Heller all the guest women do fine work...(well, I don't see Raising Hope, but I presume Leachman is good)

Ryan: They are kind of the same role... Heller and Leachman... crazy old ladies. I say that in the most polite way.

Andrew: Oh, say it however you want to. Down with the old. Hmm, apparently, growing up without knowing my grandparents makes me disrespectful to the elderly.

Ryan: See, I was really close to mine. Well that's a lie. I was very close to ONE grandmother. So I'm a bit uncomfortable with this conversation. Ha!

Andrew: Are we both, then, agreeing that it's Gwyn vs Kristin and Joan vs Julia ... in that order?

Ryan: Actually yes! No, Wait. Gwyneth, but alternate Leachman.

Andrew: Cloris did win a heap for Malcolm in the Middle. Sheesh. These old gals hogging it all. And, on the topic of the aged segue beautifully to Morse and Bridges being in the guest actor race for no other reason that being esteemed. I don't think either deserves their spots.

Ryan: That is the truth if I ever did hear one.

Beau Bridges Brothers and Sisters
Jeremy Davies Justified
Bruce Dern Big Love
Michael J. Fox The Good Wife
Paul McRane Harry's Law
Robert Morse Mad Men

Andrew: At least Bruce Dern (another oldie) actually did fairly good work on Big Love, so I get his nomination.
Guest Actor, where old men come to die...
Ryan: Thankfully they won't win, because Michael J. Fox is this year's Betty White. They can't not give it to him as bad as that sounds. But it's not like he doesn't deserve it.

Andrew: I don't think he'll win actually. Actually, I have no idea who will win.
I'm looking at the lot and thinking it looks like a total clusterfuck, not as easy as you’d expect the predictions here to be.

Ryan: Fox is an esteemed actor in a show they clearly love who did solid work. He's a shoo-in I think. I mean I won't be shocked if he doesn't win, but if I had to bet money on it, I'd choose him over the rest. As for Comedy Actor, now that category is definitely clusterfuckery at its finest.

Andrew: Comedy Actor isn't as weird to me, but there again I'm not sure who to bet on.

Will Arnett 30 Rock
Matt Damon 30 Rock
Idris Elba The Big C
Zach Galifianakis Saturday Night Live
Nathan Lane Modern Family
Justin Timberlake Saturday Night Live

Ryan: With the exception of Will Arnett, I can see any of the other guys winning.

Andrew: Timberlake is already listed as the winner on IMDB, and he won already too, but people for some inexplicable reason like Zach Galifianakis and maybe the SNL guests cancel out each other. That sets Damon up, but they didn't nominate him last year when he was much more charming... Lane is a beloved actor in a beloved show, and Elba has that double nod...will they split votes, or will they rally here?

Ryan: Idris Elba is doubly nominated this year... if that helps him any. But, really, I have no idea as well.

Andrew: *rubs hand together like a mad scientist* blind predictions, me likey.

Ryan: Wait, before I do... how good is Elba? It's the only role here I haven't seen.

Andrew: Elba is charming, British, and wise...not very heavy lifting, so it's an odd nod, but in guest perspectives it would not be an unlikely winner...if he was more popular. Think, Darren Criss' role in Glee but better acted.

Ryan: Okay, gotcha thanks. So predictions time...

Andrew: I'll go first because random decision like this is literally how I live.

Ryan: Go right ahead.

Andrew: Dern as a surprise tribute to Big Love...and Michael J. Fox as an alternate. Lane as a tribute to Modern Family, which the Emmy's seem to be collectively sleeping with, and Timberlake as an alternate.

Ryan: Michael J. Fox for the win and Michael J. Fox as the alternate (I just can't see any of the other guys winning!). Then, Matt Damon for the win and Nathan Lane as the alternate. So basically all of my predictions = movie stars.

Andrew: Which, of course, makes them more logical.

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Who do you think will walk away successful tonight? Will the movie stars prevail, as we think?

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Wow, we didn't so hot in predicting. Even with alternates. Ouch.