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Emma Chatter with Ryan: Supporting Categories

Do you know what's happening in less than two weeks? That's right, one week from Sunday the Emmy's will be airing on Fox hosted by Jane Lynch. Ryan (Sorta That Guy) spent hours predicting the nominees, some categories more accurate than others. Now, we turn to the potential winners in the Supporting Categories for both Drama and Comedy. Somehow I managed to veer the conversation off into the 2008 Oscar race. Read on to see how we got there...

Andrew: It seems like forever since we were doing what turned out to be some interesting Emmy predictions...

Ryan:Yeah, we were way off on a bunch of them, but I guess that's the fun.

Andrew: Not sure how we'll fare in actual predicting but let's reverse and begin where we ended...i.e. supporting women.

Ryan: In terms of predicting winners though, I'm so bad at using episode submissions to judge since I have such an awful memory that it's difficult for me to say "oh, that was a good episode!" or "they should've submitted this one instead." Comedy I have no idea who is going to win, but off the top of my head I think Lynch, Vergara, and Krakowski picked particularly good episodes.

Andrew: Unlike you, I'm annoying anal about...well, everything really but I tend to remember things like every episode per season.

Ryan: Well hopefully that'll jog my memory as we go through this.

Julie Bowen Modern Family for "Strangers on a Treadmill" (where Claire worries about Phil not being funny)
Jane Krakowksi 30 Rock for "Queen of Jordan" (where Jenna tries to steal the spotlight in Angie's reality show)
Jane Lynch Glee for "Funeral" (where Sue deals with her sister's death)
Sofia Vergara Modern Family for "Slow Down Your Neighbours" (where Gloria learns to ride a bike)
Betty White Hot in Cleveland for "Free Elka" (where Elka is in jail with Mary Tyler Moore)
Kristin Wiig Saturday Night Live for "Host: Jane Lynch" (where, among other things, Kristin plays Christine O'Donnell)

Andrew: Looking at the submissions for the lot, barring Betty White (whom I refuse to watch in action) I'm immediately upset that Julie didn't submit better.

Ryan: That's what I'm feeling, too, when I saw her episode submission. I don't think she did much in that episode.

Andrew: “Strangers on a Treadmill” isn't a bad episode, but it's Jesse (and Hyland's) show. Julie is on the fringe. Oddly, though, I think Vergara submitted even worse and Julie is sort of awesome in "Slow Down Your Neighbours" so....
Will winning the Emmy be like riding a bike for Sofia?
Ryan: Well I think Vergara could've picked better, but I actually liked her scenes with Luke, but yes that was a good Julie episode as well. I forget the episode name, but the one with Claire and Phil getting caught having sex would've been a good episode submission... for either one.

Andrew: Yes, for Vergara especially - it's her strongest episode, it's up for a writing nod "Caught in the Act" and it has Gloria interacting with Ty - who everyone shines opposite. Sometimes I wonder if the voters really pay attention to the submissions, but recently I've seen actors lose (I think) on submissions so I'm wondering if maybe Jane will repeat or if Wiig could surprise because I'd be surprised to see either of the Modern Family women winning.

Ryan: Again, I haven't really paid attention to episodes when making my predictions in the past. Though I wish I had the stats on hand to see how well (or not) I've done. But you have to think that voters probably don't have time to watch all of the submissions.

Andrew: I would be shocked for a sleeper sort of win for Krakowski or Wiig based on lifetime achievement, so I suppose in theory it really is anyone's game...

Ryan: Anyone's game is right. There are a lot of storylines at work: (1) They love Betty White (2) We all suddenly love Kristen Wiig (3) Modern Family is beloved (4) Lynch won last year and is hosting. Krakowski winning would be a real surprise.

Andrew: I think Krakowski is sort of "due" because she's been a staple nominee in the last couple of years, her submission is ace, she's been nominated most often for that particular role and never won. and she's PERFECT!!!! How dare they not get her brilliance!!! (Sorry, Krak whore here.)

Ryan: Oh I agree. But I just wonder how beloved 30 Rock is at least compared to previous years. And it's not like the other nominees are bad, just the opposite. So it'll be tough.

Christine Baranski The Good Wife for "Silver Bullet" (where Diane defends, then hooks up with an old-flame)
Michelle Forbes The Killing for "Pilot" (where Mitch deals with her daughter's body being found)
Christina Hendricks Mad Men for "The Summer Man" (where Joan deals with her sexist employee and office politicking)
Kelly MacDonald Boardwalk Empire for "Family Limitation" (where Margaret questions whether or not to become Nucky's mistress)
Margo Martindale Justified for "Brothers Keeper" (where Mags grand plan is revealed)
Archie Panjabi The Good Wife for "Getting Off" (where Kalinda deals with Alicia finding out about her one night with Peter)
Andrew: It's just as difficult in supporting actress drama. There, Christine Baranski is the Jane Krakowski. Not the strongest, but so brilliant that an Emmy for her (well, another one in her case) wouldn't be unwarranted.

Ryan: Good observation and I agree. For this category, it's difficult to predict, but probably not. It seems the momentum is with Margo Martindale. It's too bad I don't watch her show so I can't exactly know if the role is just THAT good that would make the others not that competitive.

Andrew: Ugh, I don't watch Justified either. And, I just don't completely buy Margo winning.

Ryan:  Sure, but I bet lots of people didn't buy Archie winning last year either.

Andrew: Even if she wins I'll still not buy her having it "in the bag". You KNOW how ridiculous I can be.

Ryan: Who is her biggest competition? Archie? Anyone else?
Don't cry, Archie, I still think you should win...

Andrew: Really, I think everybody is everybody's competition. I want to write out Christina immediately because I absolutely loathe her submission..

Ryan: What did you have a problem with in it? (This is my sucky memory talking.) Or at least what would be a better episode for her to have submitted?

Andrew: It's not a bad episode for her, but it's Joan at her worst being petty and a bit silly. She was so grand in "The Good News" dealing with her husband leaving, the new Years and whatnot.

Ryan: Oh, yeah, wow that would've been a great submission indeed.

Andrew: I don't get how she didn't submit it. I wonder who advises actors on what to submit.

Ryan: Yeah, I'm sure there are a lot more behind-the-scenes political stuff happening. Like writer, director, other co-stars... or I'm just paranoid.

Andrew: I love paranoia.

Ryan: Forbes and Panjabi, who are probably Martindale's biggest competition, submitted well.

Andrew: I guess I have to vote Christine Baranski off the island too even though she submitted excellently, because I think it's actually a four way race between the three you mention and McDonald. I wouldn't be surprised if either of the quartet take it, although I'm guessing it's Martinadle vs Panjabi in heavy fight, Kelly a millimetre behind them and Michelle a centimetre behind her.

Ryan: That sounds about right to me. How did Macdonald submit? I haven't gotten around to watching that show.

Andrew: Remember we were talking about those spreadsheets we had? I had to go back and check what I thought of McDonald in that episode. How awesome am I?

Ryan: Completely awesome. I wish I did that. I only really do it when it comes to Oscars. Not TV. What is wrong with me?

Andrew: ...and, to answer your question. She's not the strongest in the episode, but of the first half of the season it's her best work and she's very likeable in it having to choose between being poor and broke, or succumbing to Buscemi's gangster and being his mistress. Not her best work, but good enough.

Ryan: So unless her show really breaks out and sweep, she MAY be out of the running. We'll see.

Andrew: Unless her show sweeps, which I fear it won't.

Ryan: You fear it won't? You're that much of a fan? I sort of love it when the love is spread a bit.

Andrew: Well, how do I put this...The Good Wife isn't winning, Dexter isn’t winning, I don't want Mad Men to, and that leaves Boardwalk Empire.

Ryan: I wouldn't say The Good Wife isn't winning. It's definitely loved.

Andrew: Really? Ryan, do not, do NOT mess with me.

Ryan: Just saying it's at least different from the rest in that it's MAIN character is a woman. Everything else is so... manly.

Andrew: Save those thoughts for next time, we’re getting off-track.

Ryan: All right. So are we making final predictions?

Andrew: Not sure how much sense prediction makes but, here goes. Comedy Winner: Lynch; Alternate: a surprise nod for Wiig. Drama Winner: Panjabi, shocking us with a back to back nod; Alternate: MacDonald

Ryan: We didn’t have to predict if you didn’t want to, but I'm predicting Lynch and Martindale with White and Panjabi as alternates.

Andrew: Oh, no, I must predict to have it on the record. I have rare bouts of predictions' visions (like when I predicted The Reader over The Dark Knight back in 08, a moment I still think of with happiness...sigh...)

Ryan: Wow, that is a good one! The Reader was like #7 in my list

Andrew: I liked The Reader more than The Dark Knight, so since Revolutionary Road was shut-out it made my day a bit sweeter.

Ryan: I don't know which I liked more. I definitely had a more emotional reaction to The Reader. But I really didn't think it'd be nominated for Best Pic. I thougt The Dark Knight or Revolutionary Road would have that final spot.

Andrew: Damn, I just derailed that convo.

Ryan: Easy enough to steer back.

Andrew: Let's turn to supporting actors. Both categories immediately make me sad for the's seriously difficult for me to look at them.

Ty Burrell Modern Family for "Good Cop, Bad Dog" (where Phil tries to be the tough parent instead of his usual pushover self)
Chris Colfer Glee for "Grilled Cheesus" (where Kurt deals with his father's near death experience)
Jon Cryer Two and a Half Men for "The Immortal Mr. Billy Joel" (where Alan pretends to be Charlie)
Jesse Tyler Ferguson Modern Family for "Halloween" (where Mitchell dresses as Spiderman for work)
Ed O'Neill Modern Family for "The Kiss" (where Jay makes fun of Gloria's Colombian cooking)
Eric Stonestreet Modern Family for "Mother's Day" (where Cam gets annoyed for Mitchell thinking he's the mother of Lilly)
Ryan: Focus on the good! Ty Burrell, who is my favorite nominee, submitted a great episode. In reality, he could've picked the whole season. He was the MVP for me out of the adult cast this season.

Andrew: His submission doesn't rank in my top 10 of his episodes...but I still think he's the best. So, there you go.

Ryan: My notes say "Ty great. Eric not at all. Ed and Mitchell okay."

Andrew: And Eric winning? NOOOOO chance, thankfully. I found him so annoying for most of the season....was it just me?

Ryan: Not just you. I didn't find him THAT annoying, but that episode really grated.

Andrew: Now, Colfer is always a darkhorse. A scary thought for me, but this is predicting...not opinion.

Ryan: The episode was a bit of a downer (same goes for Lynch actually). But that's how you win these Comedy awards!
You heard me right, Kurt, I don't think you're that good.
Andrew: I don't like Kurt, I generally am not a fan of Colfer, and for me Monteith was the standout in “Grilled Cheesus”. And, what about the drama actors? I saw a site predicting Josh Charles as the winner. I got so scared, and then so angry, and then so sad and then so over Emmy's in 0 to 10 seconds.

Andre Braugher Men of a Certain Age for "Let the Sunshine In" (where Owen and his father have a heart to heart)
Josh Charles The Good Wife for "Closing Arguments"  (where Will finally gets it on with Alicia)
Alan Cumming The Good Wife for "Silver Bullet" (where we see a softer side of Eli as he deals with Wendy's nanny)
Peter Dinklage Game of Thrones for "Baelor" (where Tyrion takes part in an epic battle)
Walter Goggins Justified for "The I of the Storm" (where we realise that Boyd is completely ruthless)
John Slattery Mad Men for "Hands and Knees" (where Roger learns that Joan is pregnant for him)

Ryan: Haha. Wow, that's some prediction. I don't think it'll happen. But goodness I've somehow convinced myself that Alan Cumming is winning... which is JUST AS BAD, ACTUALLY WORSE.

Andrew: Is it bad? Who deserves it more? Dinklage - you tell me, I don't watch the show. Goggins? Neither of us watch.

Ryan: Well Dinklage is the breakout star from that huge ensemble and that episode is pitch perfect. Quiet dramatic moment, lots of interaction with a disappointed father, and a heroic war sequence where he takes lead. Very good episode indeed. But if I had a ballot, it'd probably fo to Alan Cumming. He stole every scene he was in. And with THAT show and THAT cast, that's saying a lot actually.

Andrew: This is the toss-up category. If anything fails Cummings in his submission, Baranski is just a bit ahead of him here (it's her finest hour of the season)...but it's really anyone's game. Except Baugher.

Ryan: Yeah. No way he's in the running. In my head I'm thinking the award is between Cummings and Dinklage BUT THAT IS CRAZY since the Emmys would not be THAT COOL.
"You shouldn't be the father of my Roger, and you shouldn't be nominated."
Andrew: Okay, predict. Go.

Ryan: Well for Comedy I'm going for Ty Burrell with Chris Colfer as alternate.

Andrew: (Barf on Colfer but I go with the same.)

Ryan: For Drama, I'll go conservative and say they finally award John Slattery. Alternate is... (flips coin) Alan Cummings.

Andrew: If John Slattery wins, I'll probably hate Mad Men for wreaking that on me. I say Cumming for the win with Cumming as an alternate (because Eli Gold is that much of a superhero. the end.)

Ryan: I would love love love this so I have no complaints and I hope you are right.
So, in the supporting races are you seeing Lynch and Martindale and Burrell and Slatterry? Or Vergara and Panjabi and Colfer and Cumming? Who's winning what?

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