Saturday, 24 September 2011

All I Could Do Was Link

My blogging has been scant lately, apologies. Real life problems abound – technological and otherwise. In the midst of all my issues, everyone else has been blogging. And, there’s really nothing left for me to do but to point the way to them. I haven't even got time to comment as much, which is shameful I know, I know.
Hopefully, I’ll be back in good stead – blogging-wise – sooner than later so consider this pseudo-blogging, because I’m only really commenting on everyone else is saying. I promise I’ll try to be back on my soapbox as soon as possible. Now, on with the links.

My favourite post of the week, which is a series of post, are the musings Nick (Nick’s Flick Picks) does on the films of 2011, thus far. I’m linking to the Best Actor/Best Actress race but really, you’d do well to check them all out. Nick is a genius writer. And head over to see what Joe (Low Resolution) does on his choices for the year, thus far. And Tim (Antagony and Ecstasy) turns out his own list. Love how a certain actress shows up in all three, the lovely JB. I might have to do one of these next week...

You all know how much I adore Mean Girls, so you’d expect I’d turn my nose up at a top-ten list of high school films which doesn’t include it. But this is a stellar list from Kevin (Anomalous Material).
The list is made all the more valuable by the little blurbs on each film, and I especially love the two on Rebel without Cause and The Last Picture Show. It’s odd, though, I never really think of the latter one (in all its loveliness) as a high school film.

CS (Big Thoughts from a Small Mind) is back with another match-up having us choose between Amy Adams and Michelle Williams. The match-up doesn’t thrill me for being difficult to choose, it’s easily Amy for me, but I’m moved to get off my chest – for the last time, I promise – that I still don’t really appreciate Michelle Williams as an actor. Lovely, in Blue Valentine yes, but I find her screen presence so lacking in charm. And it sounds especially superficial of me, but it is what is.

Paolo (Brown Okinawa Incident) was talking about Gosford Park recently, and really you know soon as I hear Gosford I’m there. In a number of ways I think of the film like a dense novel, because there are so many facets to examine. I was thinking about Emily Watson, who he talks up, in it because we’ll be seeing her soon-ish in War Horse and Elsie is such a complex character I wonder if I’ll appreciate her more on a second viewing? It’s just that I’m firmly in the Sylvia McDordle camp, despite her bitchiness, and Elsie is firmly NOT in that camp. Me and my love of Kristin Scott Thomas, regardless of how she plays

On the topic of charm, how great is that Kate Winslet won her Emmy? I know, I know, I’ve said nothing on the show...but what is there to say? It was so bland and the winners were generally tepid. Mark (The Critical Condition) managed to spew off some good thoughts on it and his message to Kate Winslet haters was especially apt. Lord knows, who can believe there’s such a thing as Kate haters? Sigh, this world.

Tom (Reinvention: Journal of a Dog Lover, Book Reader, Moviegoer and Writer) takes a second look at The Tree of Life which I liked, but did not love. His thoughts are stirring, but I wonder if I'd have the time or inclination to see it again. I think I should at some point, though...

Apparently I wasn’t the last person to see Insidious, one of the better films of this vaguely boring year (thus far at least). And, I wasn’t the only one who liked it either. Jose (Movies Kick Ass) offers up a review of it.

Tony (blah blah blah gay) has a double review of Double Indemnity up. I always feel like a charlatan when I say that my favourite Stanwyck performance is Sorry, Wrong Number. I sincerely need to rewatch Double Indemnity.
Get to reading, and I promise things will be back to normal, soon-ish. Probably.

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