Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The Spin-Off 2.3

Another week of me imaging sequels ad prequels that Hollywood would never think of, but which are better than half of the ones they green light (or so I think).
Classic novels with a penchant for social commentary are almost always densely populated. The reader is treated to a slew of side-lining players who amuse, infuriate or exasperate us (or sometimes all three) and one of my favourite adaptation of a novel is Joe Wright’s bite-sized but truly delightful (I can’t think of another adjective to describe it) Pride and Prejudice. The film’s supporting cast is well realised – even though Keira steals the show. And, just like the novel, I always ruminate on Lizzie’s best friend Charlotte. She’s played to perfection by the vastly underrated Claudie Blakley and she ends up marrying the ingratiating Mr. Collins (Tom Hollander) who proposes to Elizabeth first.
It’s a blow to Lizzie, losing her best friend to the smarmy Mr. Collins, but later in the film when she visits their home Charlotte admits that it’s really not THAT bad. Charlotte’s story is one I’d like to see. I’m sure the era must have been wrought with these marriage of convenience Claudie Blakley keeps showing up for moments in great films doing fine work but she never really gets the opportunity to do a significant role. There’s a scene at Rosings when Charlotte and Mr. Collins are at Lady Catherine’s dinner table and she admonishes him for his lack of manners in sitting near to his wife at dinner. Blakley gives the most imperceptible of reactions. I’d be game for seeing what sort of life she’d endure on the estate.
Would you be interested in Charlotte's story?


Ryan T. said...

Definitely agree that her story could be interesting. If Wright directs, I will watch this.

*FilmAddict* said...

Not really. Cause Charlotte is a character who'll settle and be content with whatevers been given to her.

I'll be more interested to see what happens to the rest of the Bennet sisters like whatever happen's to Lydia's marriage.

Have you seen Lost in Austen? Its a great little mini-series. And it even creates and adds a different storyline to some of the characters such as Caroline Bingley and Mr Wickham...who turns out isn't quite the rake that we assume him to be.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

ryan well, of course wright directs it.

filmaddict no, never seen lost in austen. i like the idea of wickham not being a complete jerk, although the austen rake i always feel bad for is willoughby in sense and sensibility.