Monday, 15 August 2011

Long Overdue 99 Cent Word Reviews: Cars II; Pirates of the Caribbean 4

Ever watch a film and wonder what’s the point? Why even bother reviewing it? Especially when they’ve been reviewed ad nauseum and you couldn’t possibly add more to the string of criticism. I meant to review these weeks, months ago and I just couldn’t muster up a typical five paragraph essay. Two short blurs will suffice, I’m sure.
Cars II
I saw this twice with my nephew and still found it difficult to recall the basic plot details, other than a vague notion of some competition. The entire thing is hindered by a sense of much too much happening. Is the crux of the argument the tale of the fish out of water or the adage of “pride in your uniqueness”? It’s anyone guess amidst the constant high-speed chases, the over exaggerated voices and covert operations. It manages to come off as both underdeveloped and oversaturated and ultimately too lazily flip to appreciate – even if the sound is excellent.
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
The path it travels is as hackneyed as you’d expect, because by now Jack Sparrow is anything but innovative. Still, despite my general lack of interest in him as of late Depp is fairly fetching in the role, and he and Cruz play well of each other. Marshall isn’t talented enough to make everything land decisively but he has enough of an eye for the theatrical to make some of the smaller things pop so we’re served up with a bland, if faintly amusing, film. It’s not terrible enough to loathe, but it probably had no business being made...
Do either of these sequels deserve more love in your eyes?


anahita said...

I kind of really liked Pirates of the Caribbean. Then again the series does have my unconditional love so probably best to ignore me.

TomS said...

I was never compelled to attend a movie based on an amusement park ride....